ComHub Meeting Minutes 2/4

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Agenda (ComHub – Feb 4, 2011)

–       Attendance

  • Autumn, Phoebe, Evangelina, David, Olivia

–       Name, relationship w/infohub

  • Evangelina like ComHub because it makes clear what we do
  • Facebook InfoHub is managed by ComHub
  • Makes sense to keep it separate
  • Seemed too much like 2 different groups of people working on similar projects
  • Projects of InfoHub: ComHub, Info on the Ground, Project List Group, Newsletter, etc
  • ComHub currently manages some general InfoHub projects (ex email, Facebook)
  • Good to clarify what these relationships are

–       Scheduling, time off

  • 1 person at a time
  • Phoebe hasn’t been doing the phone since shes been at work
  • Picking up and calling right back is important
  • Phoebe says the .org emails she can work on, doesn’t make sense to do it online
  • .org emails are the only ones that would be able to be done not on schedule
  • add “gone” column to the schedule

–       New trainings

  • Evangelina can train Tara today
  • Would be useful to have a few more people pulled into the group
  • Consistent, recommended spot, 12-6 (when it’s open): Charlotte’s Place, making this a public spot where people can come ask questions
  • Do we want to post this on our group page? Not necessary, don’t want to promise that we’ll be there
  • Everyone put our feelers out for new people to join ComHub
  • Orientation more clarification on the blast, maybe part of their training is that they sit with each person in ComHub to do a shift
  • Maybe a bi-weekly meeting would be useful, sounds like that is supported

–       DropBox, Documents

  • Evangelina is sending out notices to individuals who might be interested in a specific inter-occupy call, for at least new conference calls
  • Reviews all Documents

–       What to Include for Blasts survey

  • Send out survey
  • GA/SC
  • OWS Actions
  • OWS Teach-Ins
  • OWS Community Events
  • OWS Trainings
  • Other Main NYC GA Events
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Breaking News
  • 1st Meeting for New Event/Project
  • put out a poll on nycga, and a paper poll at this weeks GA/SC
  • ComHub en espagnol (Diego is interested in doing this) could we work with the translation group, really quick? Evangelina will follow up with Diego
  • Lets clarify this over email

–       Office Materials: Evangelina can temporarily store them

  • Can we take them to SIS? Evangelina will talk to Nick
  • Do we post them on NYCGA or infohub email? Clarify this with the rest of InfoHub
  • Office closes on Monday

– emails

  • Shane from PR let E know that front facing website, want all of us to be on the same message
  • Will forward the email
  • Someone has to do the most recent ones
  • James and maybe Megan have been working on emails

One Response to “ComHub Meeting Minutes 2/4”

  1. Justin Stone-Diaz


    These minutes are NOT for this working group but a small group calling it’s self ComHub.
    In addition the meeting that these minutes are from was NOT publically announced or posted.


    Our WG Meetings are held Thursdays at 6PM.

    Any action taken from these minutes should be considered within the context in which they were generated.

    There was NO NOTIFICATION to existing WG members that this meeting was being held, FYI.

    See everyone on Thursday!