ComCluster Minutes, 8 December

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Attendees: Jake, Rafael, Olivia, Christine, Jill, Kevin,  Katie, Andrew, Christian, Ravi, Tony

Visitors: Ruth, Herb (Occupy NovaScotia), Boris (from Marseilles)

Minutes: Ravi

Facilitation: Rafael

Stack: Jake and Christian


Discussion Point: ComCluster Roles

Central discussion to WHAT and HOW we’re doing ComCluster stuff to coordinate hold each other accountable and avoid redundancy.

Will likely by an ongoing conversation but we can start by mapping out what we do and how we do it, routing things through ComHub

ComHub as inward facing, documentation
Info will continue to be more outward facing, inquiries from outside world

Volunteer Services
– Long term we hope to support ComCluster as a dissemination point for information to volunteers
– in the short term we’d like to volunteer to bottom-line a process of cleaning up everyone’s lists, uploading them into the CRM and training people on using the system.

Tony Bates,WBAI (99.5FM) is open to collaboration with Occupy about our events, specials

Jill Turner: Timebank may be able to help

Info (Kevin)
– multiple points of intake are important

Intake points: CRM, website group creation, ComCluster
* restore the info table? Roving table?

Discussion Point: Group Review, Group Formation for Website,

Coordination of group creation, info dissemination, reduce redundancy,
1. public information (name, mission, contact info of working groups)
2. internal resources (how to print, etc.)

Step 1: Collect the info (go to meetings, etc)
Step 2: Get it out there (website, press, etc.)

Build consensus around the idea of group review with this initial survey and then go to GA

Tech Ops: There is a new group creation process but any group consistent with the Principles of Solidarity

Follow up discussion should include creating workflows for collecting this information in the most efficient way possible, bringing together Tech Ops, Organization, etc.

Internal newsletter

Matt: type up statement about group info gathering, even if you are uncertain, just type up something, because then there will be a framework for other people to comment and build.

Olivia: in terms of overlap- we would like to be able, when groups say they’re working on projects, for groups to say what other groups they are in

Raphael: group is currently Intracommunication and Cultural Development (this is what Oliva’s project is currently. suggested that it should be part of com-info)

When are meetings: Tues and Thurs at 2. Next meeting, next tuesday.


Agenda for next meeting:
Priority Items for Monday meeting (got pushed off Thursday agenda)
ComCluster Roles (sharing where each group is at with communications- bring an example of overlap!)
Definition of a Group (Andrew)
request reportback from Intracommunication and Cultural Development

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