Charter (Rough Draft)

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Occupy University

Founded by the People for the People

“Knowledge, Compassion, Action”

Charter as of December 21, 2011



To make available, to all persons no matter their citizenship, income, identifying characteristics or life choices, a college level education.


To educate individuals in all subject areas so that they may be more productive citizens of their community and the greater global community.


To prepare students for professions that will be crucial to the continued development of a more economically just, socially liberated and environmentally friendly world.


To create a model of co-operation that can be used as an example for other educational institutions.


To build on a person’s prior experience and knowledge to further empower that person to make the connections between life experience and formal education that enable them to become successful, compassionate, driven individuals.




The founding of Occupy University is being overseen by a working group of the Occupy Wall Street movement. In line with Occupy Wall Streets ideals and operational practices; anyone who is willing to assist will be welcome to do so. All suggestions will be treated equally and all decisions will be brought to vote within the working group. All meetings and votes will be done in the most democratic manor possible. The public is welcome at Occupy University meetings and minutes of said meetings will be made available online.


Occupy University will initially operate as an online university, using the eLearning model of education. The possibility of expansion into a campus-based university is open to discussion at a later date.


Occupy University will identify as a certificate granting institution until the requirements for accreditation can be met. At which time Occupy University will seek to be recognized as a four-year degree-granting institute accredited.


The teaching positions will, until an undetermined future date, be entirely volunteer positions. No professor will receive a monetary exchange for his or her efforts at this time.


Tuition will be “Karma-based”. A suggested donation may be determined by the Occupy University working group, however this will act only as a suggestion. Each student will make their own personal decision based on their economic and personal situation as to if and/or how much they will donate for the course(s) they are enroll in.


A system of grading has not yet been discussed.

A system for determining degree or certificate completion and/or graduation has not yet been discussed.

One Response to “Charter (Rough Draft)”

  1. Hope Martin

    Input is appreciated and needed… Some things that I wrote are written as if they’ve already been decided on, if someone feels strongly against anything please let me know because this group is so new there has been no official votes just people trying to make things happen.