Call for Global Climate Justice Day

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Occupy the Planet

On Sunday, November 27th ahead of UN climate talks in Durban, South Africa, we call on Occupiers around the world to stand up for Climate Justice.

Our planet is sick and radical action must be taken to curb and mitigate the devastating effects of climate change. The proliferation of droughts, famines, floods, soil erosion, mineral depletion, smog, water contamination, epidemics, oil leakage, radioactive waste and resource wars that we have seen in recent decades are but a small taste of what is to come unless we cut greenhouse gas emissions and move to sustainable sources of energy.

We recognize that as individuals we must take every available step to protect the earth, but there is only so much as individuals we can accomplish. Broad systemic action must be taken collectively to save our planet.

For two decades world leaders have gathered to discuss what is to be done to curb the catastrophic effects of global warming. For two decades global emissions of carbon dioxide have continued to rise beyond what scientists recognize as necessary to mitigate climate change. This year’s round of UN climate talks in Durban only promise more false promises.

Competing states and corporations will never solve the ecological crisis which they have spawned. Their pledges for a greener tomorrow are a sham.

We call on the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization to cancel all debt to the Global South and call for reparations payments to be made by the globe’s dominant economies to peoples whose ecosystems and means of subsistence have be ruined by resource extraction and global warming.

We with Occupy Wall Street’s Environmentalist Solidarity Working Group in New York are in solidarity with our counter-parts in South Africa’s Occupy Movement who are challenging all forms of exploitation including the poisoning of the atmosphere by the coal industry.

The Occupy Movement for economic equality and democracy walks hand in hand with the movement to save life on earth. We won’t accomplish one without the other. For too long we have been alienated from each other. The Occupy Movement has brought us together. The time has come for us to bridge the gap that separates us from the water, air, land, animals and plants that sustain life as we know it.

We the 99% will not stand idly by while the 1% desecrates our earth in the name of profits. We are many they are few.

Just after midnight on the morning of November 15th, police brutally tore down Occupy Wall Street’s encampment at Liberty Park. We have reached our midnight hour on earth. But we’re the 99% and we’re the new dawn!

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