Brooklyn organization planning meeting

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Brooklyn organization sub-team meeting 4:29 4/13/2012


Schedules, number of people,



Casper wants to emphasize secrecy,


Dylan, Jose, Casper Alice Loren, going out


Loren works during the week


Monday should work for everyone


Loren wants to do clothes distribution in the park……..



Darrell wants to track who gets what….


Casper is worried about people getting consignment


Casper and Lauren want to just get rid of stuff


Casper is worried that in the park people will get arrested in the park for distribution


Darrell thinks if they want to arrest someone for distributing clothes, we should be ready, cameras, Live stream, and create a story, POLICE OUT OF CONTROL, arresting people for distributing clothes for free.


Darrell wants to know when we start?


Loren says now


Ice says why doesn’t loren get all the clothes on, several dozen layers and take it down and strip it all off..


Loren wants to go in the SIS bin


Darrell says we will meet up at SIS at 9:30, and the folks will leave at 10 for Brooklyn.

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