be it ever so humble, there’s no place to Occupy…

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if i only had a box big enuf to fit a refrigerator

then certainly it would fit me

for i’d have 4 walls and a roof

to protect me from the rain and the cold and the wind.

being so close to the ground is important

cause at least i’d feel the sacred Mother,  earth,

is my home and i could kiss and caress her sweetly.

and i know i don’t need

any fancy box on wheels

to take me to someplace

where i don’t want to be

to work for someone

who don’t really care

to help me pay

for a bigger box

higher off the ground

so i can forget

where my real home is.

and when i think  of

all those ugly things being done

to our sacred Mother

stripen her and bleeden her dry

so that someone can sell me things

i don’t really need i just won’t buy it.

i can’t!  not in my name!

and sometimes,  when i’m alone

and quiet  and my heart is breaking …

i break down and cry asking for Her forgiveness.

and so, i can understand people’s fears

when they see me hangin round

cause they don’t realize

how much we all share together.

and i know they’re scared

cause they think

i don’t have anything

and that i’m homeless!

well, all i can say to people is

the earth is our home

be it ever so humble

and i pray that we never really are …

Rick Gold occupy my heart 10/29/2011

Would someone take my poem, and read it at the park? TY

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