BAG meeting: Feb 9, 2012

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BAG meeting: Feb 9, 2012

Attendees: Shen, Stephen, Ben, Jerry, Danny, Richard

Absent: Dal, Judy

I. Shen’s update

A. Oakland is a challenge right now

1. Occupy media not as strong as mainstream media to counter coverage

B.  Nonviolent demonstrations

1. Working groups Shen associated with have shared belief to move forward in nonviolent way

a. Shen will share a document with the group regarding the beliefs

2. Understand will lose public support w/violent actions

a. OMG to state on website will not fund violent demonstrations

II. Fundraising update

A. Ben and Jerry making additional calls Friday

III. Fundraising get-togethers

A. Possibly one in March in NYC

IV. Adding diverse members to BAG

A. Ben working on getting in touch with someone

V. 501c3 c4 status


Getting the information to the lawyer in process

1. Molly organizing information

VI. Bullet points for fundraising calls

A. Ben and Jerry sent some info out to BAG members

VII. Authorization to get dba

A. To get a checking account, need formal board authorization

1. All agreed

VIII. Space update – Stephen

A. Stephen sent over full financial analysis (utilities, taxes, rent) for two space options

1. Both options come fully furnished and move-in ready

2. Agreed to put in an offer at both places & go from there

a. Express in offer for a 1 year lease

IX. Set date for public meeting

A. Around time when website goes live

1. Website scheduled to go live Feb 24

a. Ben has someone working on website

B. Meeting to take questions from general public

1. Possible date: Sunday, Feb 26

a. Molly sent out an email to confirm

2. Schedule future meetings after first, see how it goes

X. Name change for Occupy Money Group

A. Ben and Shen will come up with some possible names & send to group

XI. End incubation with Org WG

A. Agreed to become independent Affinity Group

XII. Proposal review committee

A. Will be composed of:

1. 5 from OMG

2. 5 from Occupy (2 from NY & 3 from other Occupies around the US)

XIII. Buckets for first $300K

A. Rent ($60,000)

B. Stipends x 2 months ($40,000)

C. Computers, communications equipment, software, web campaign platform ($50,000)

D. Grants ($100,000)

XIV. Set up discussion regarding various groups doing similar work, dynamics of the space


Ben and Jerry meet in person Monday or Tuesday with some folks in NYC

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