BAG Meeting Feb 16, 2012:

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BAG Meeting Feb 16, 2012:

Attendees: Ben, Jerry & Dal

Coming late: Stephen, Shen & Richard

Unable to join this week: Danny

I. BAG updates:

A. Changed name from OMG to Movement Resource Group

1. Molly will adjust all paperwork on Google Docs & will re-send donor information document to BAG members

B. Paperwork sent to lawyer for 501c3

C. Sunday, Feb 26th Q&A meeting in New York City

1. Purpose:

a. Address misconceptions

b. Educate Occupiers on the mission & plan of MRG

2. Panel-like event

a. Have 2-3 facilitators to run the meeting (Stephen has some people in mind)

3. Website will be online before 2/26

4. Location proposal for the event:

a. Sanctuary of West Park Presbyterian Church

i. Seats 300-500 people, Stephen will check if available

b. Looking at holding it at 7pm

5. Have a separate (breakout) meeting to talk about what will happen

a. Ben, Jerry, Shen & Stephen

6. Reporters have shown interest, hold off for now

II. Proposal Review Committee

Decision whether to make interim or permanent structure

1. Committee comprised of: 5 people from Movement Resources Group + 2 NY Occupy & 3 from Occupy groups around the country

III. Donor updates

A. Ben and Jerry have continued to make calls

1. Donors committed, but amounts to be determined

B. Richard will send list of potential donors to contact to Molly by Friday 2/17

IV. Fundraiser

A. Jerry working with Leah

1. Sunday, March 18th

2. Jerry will represent BAG, but others welcome to attend

V. Office Space

A. Stephen will be sending proposals out to BAG members for the two spaces

1. Have a potential 3rd space option – could provide a space for a number of working groups

2. Shen and Stephen will create a proposal in writing for the space

a. Have a proposal group committee to propose

i. How the space will be used

-Long term & short term

ii. Management team proposal (2-5 people)

iii. Also include: diversity, privilege issues, power issues

Next meeting: Thursday, February 23, 2012 @ 2pm (EST)

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