August 24, 2012 Work-Session (Notes)

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August 24, 2012 (Notes)

Liberty Plaza

Meeting Started at 7:20pm

Facilitators-Self Facilitated and Sumumba


Reportbacks/Announcements- Occupy Trinity update Jenny-conference with Trinity for one night about poverty -7 arrests at Occupy Trinity this week, police have confiscated food, medicine and books update by  Jenny  Open Spaces-(Accounting and NYCGA) proposal to unfreeze the funds at NYCGA. Updates from Film Night Occupy Astoria/Long Island City-OTS Sunset Park-Robert.  FLYER S-3 and S17- FLIERS-Sumumba Paul Robeson Freedom -196 Maujer update by Jelanie –September 6- Malu  caravan starts at 7pm-LOC is participating in S17. Ahmed from Cairo spoke about elections MB 23 AND FR 21

Values-Review-VBC- handouts-2 minutes-VBC/Consenusal Democracy Doc completed but remains open.

Proposals-Teach In-Amalgamated and MCU in the day for S17, Bum Rush The Vote and Occupy The Vote and Invite other Occupies to do presentations at S17 for General Assembly, Community Agreements extended to Online group.

Presentation-Sandy- Targeting-40$ collected. What it means to be at the bottom part of the 99%-Sumumba-

Upcoming Actions-# S3, S10 #S17

#S3, S10 AND #S 17* Planning Sessions

  • Flyering, Presentation and making proposals to different WG’s/AG’s other Orgs-Sumumba, Robert and Bill will bottomline to GA’s
  • Flyering in Espanol –Malu
  •, posted to, facebook ….not on twitter as of 8/24/12
  • Sign making for S3 will occur Friday September 31 @ Liberty
  • Press release-will be sent out 8-29-12


Occu-Print-sign making at Work Session





Open Floor/Soap Box- issues discussed: conference with trinity, fundraising, Occupy Union and Trinity.

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