August 16, 2013 Assembly Notes- 99%-OWS 5 BOROUGH CITY-WIDE COALITION AND ASSEMBLY

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August 16, 2013

Union Square Park South

Facilitator-Note Taker Sumumba/

Introductions/ House- keeping/Collection -Brief overview  of OE

Reportback(s): Outreach done to kitchen, medics, nlg(request sent in for day at Zuccotti), free-university, alt banking book release, trayvon martin meeting

Outreach Proposal: Outreach Committee Occupy The Subway (need dates to do it), attend meetings with robin hood tax people, flyer black is back actions over weekend, jazz and afro-punk festival fest next week(team with Trayvon Martin campaign). GF

Program Committee for Zuccotti Park-would organize speakers and bottomline actions in the park on s17

Overall S-17 logistics committee-bottomline Sunday meetings

OWS S-17 2013

8:00am-LOC action in support of fast food workers.

8:30-10AM-Congressional district actions citywide & autonomous corporate actions in Manhattan (Concurrently)

10AM-Press Conference

11:00AM-Noon Union Square Rally

Noon-1:30pm march to Times Square

1:30-2:30pm-Times Square Rally

2:30-3pm-March to Pfizer

3:30pm-3:50pm-March to Schumer & Gillibrand

3:50pm-5pm- Schumer/Gillibrand Rally

5:00pm-March to and join the Robin Hood Tax Rally and march at UN

7:00pm-Occupy Subway to Zuccotti Park

7:30pm-Assembly for the 99%-Bottomlined by Occu-Evolve-Social/Economic Justice Theme

Open Discussion-.

Close Meeting

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