Arts & Labor Meeting Summary 10/25/11

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Hey All,
I am going to have to summarize tonight’s meeting. I was too frazzled to take minutes.

– Recapped Last meeting
– Introduced Ourselves
– Quickly de-briefed Occupy 38.
– Occupy Museums joined us. Talked about the action they are planning (will link to the PR once I get it in a separate email)
– We opened up the discussion to other movements targeting museums that have happened before us. We talked about possible models.
– Greg Sholette offered to share resources. (His own writing and research and links to other info sources) Click here for that list!
– We talked a little about the demands that Art Workers Coalition made to museums. We agreed that we should get informed on that history.
– We discussed the model of Artist Pension Trust.
– Greg told us about a group he is working with- Gulf Labor Coalition. Possible collab with Occupy Museums?
– Talked about reaching out to PASTA– union at MoMA.(Note looks like they are part of UAW Local 2110)
– A point was raised to not loose sight of including white-color museum and art workers as part of our focus

– Actions are happening. It is exciting, at the same time there is a need to educate and empower ourselves. We want to know about the history we are coming out of as well as work towards building something new.
– We all have different knowledge. Lets share it. Lets bring in people to speak!
– We will hold a series of talks at Liberty Square perhaps. Greg also offered to come speak and give a slideshow as well. He is away until November 9th.
– We agreed to start a thread to brainstorm speakers on the Arts and Culture NYGA website. (Everyone join the NYCGA website!) Here is a link to the thread. Please fill in your ideas!

Next Meeting
– Same Time. Tuesday at 7:30 PM. Atrium Space. 60 Wall Street.
– We will focus on discussing direct actions.

Side Note: We are currently pretty Visual Art focused. It was great that we had Zach and Noelle to talk film tonight. Lets remember that this is a small part of the arts worlds! Lets figure out how to build more bridges. What are big topics that can cross disciplines? Strength in numbers. Outreach!!!

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