Arts & Labor Meeting Minutes 12/13/2011

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DEC. 13, 2011

Chris & Blithe facilitators

Announcements, breakout groups, report-backs, proposals, agenda items (including Friday event)

Blithe, Chris, Claire, Nolan, Mark, Cara, Woody, Lara, Barrie, Jen, Nicole, Josh, Jason, Greg, Lizzie, Nathan, Dan, Stuart, Peter, Lea

Jason: Saturday, HENS opening, corner of 3rd & Bergen

Woody: WordPress site is up! Skeletal; we need help building it up. Email him to get admin privileges.

Nathan: Going to check out POPS tomorrow for future meeting spaces.

Blithe: Mapping group had a great small meeting, decided to make map tracing relationship between rezoning, development, & cultural philanthropy. Sunday 12/18 at 12: meeting at PACE University to discuss who to put on the map.

Nolan: Report-back re: Miami. Mock version of press release saying OWS was going to do something in Miami, distributed during VIP portion, 1st day of the fair. Stickers saying “This is an occupation.” Andrew Kreps & Daniel Bucholtz (?) both had them on their lapels by the end of the event. A soft intervention.

Breakout groups: Outreach, Alt Econ, Information, DA (Baldessari action) – 45 minutes


Information: Woody & Blithe have been working on the website. Structure: 6 categories (About, Minutes, Contacts, Blog, Other, Reading Room, Allies & Contacts). This is fluid & can be changed down the road. Talked about interface to facilitate new membership, e.g. “Get Involved!” button. Also trying to find solution for digital calendar. Maybe a way of circulating polls within the group. Identify goals for January to generate new outreach materials. Also, creating materials for Target flyering action.

Outreach: Report back on Gentrification project with NMASS.

Alt Econ: Discussion of Unions, possible teach-ins.

Baldi Action Group: Next week: banner in conversation with Baldessari billboard. Proposed slogans will be discussed over a secure thread. Will be making banner this Friday during the day. Event will not coincide with D17. Also: social media campaign involving billboard as meme.


Yates proposes taking group photos in POPS. Concerns about anonymity. Masks? Obscure faces? Take photo from the back? Way of showing bodies in the space. Include artworks in the space. Documentation of people occupying space in the city. The photos would go on our website. Passes!

Arlen proposes workshop involving lawyer & arts organizers workshopping cases of unpaid interns in the arts: how they can organize with their co-workers & seek legal redress. TBC on Google Group. Will come back in a week with a date & proposed speakers.

Lise proposes moving to a better space, maybe privately owned.


Friday event: Agreement to have the event. Format TBD.

Meeting location: Nathan is scouting POPS. Chris prefers POPS, but would be willing to use private spaces maybe once a month. Andrea says ability to have a conversation is more important than having meeting in a POPS.

D17: Proposal for “magnetic poetry” type signs. Idea for mobile digital projection stations. Idea for complex, large balloon sculptures.

Group unity: Josh says endless discussions about process turn people off. What about having more time for breakout groups, less for other stuff? Rebecca agrees that we not talk so much about meeting location etc. Dana says DA meetings are nice because there’s a broad introduction about an action, then group divides into affinity groups & gets to work. Chris proposes a newcomers’ breakout group. Twinkles. Blithe thinks it’s OK for group to expand & contract; we shouldn’t be so concerned with attrition. Lise: It’s happening naturally that groups are branching out & protocol is improving. Annie keeps friends in the loop about what’s going on in A&L, especially friends with new babies who can’t come to meetings.

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