Arts & Labor Meeting Minutes 11/15/11

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11.15.11 Minutes 7:30 to 10 p.m.

Welcome!/ Facilitator
Everyone is welcome to support the G.A.

Meeting agenda point intro / Facilitator
1. General Action Plan N17 – main focus on Thursday
2. Two subgroups: Agenda and Logistics
3. Meet again and report to each other

* Concensus point:
– Erin and Rachel are co-facilitators
– Martha keeps stack
– Matt keeps time
* Concensus reached

Introduction of facilitation language / Rachel
Twinkle fingers (Yay)
Middle jazz hands (OK)
Low jazz hands (Not so great)
Block (very rare, with great power yields great responsibility)
Point of process (reminder of agenda: focus, or get on stack)
Point of information (direct info)
Stacks (Order of speaking)
Wrap it up (Use with compassion)
Symbol (pay attention to time)
C (clarification)
Points up (louder)

Introduction of group [possible mistakes and missing info, sorry]
Rachel (artist, handler), Julie (writer, administrator), Julie (new),
Claire (editor), Amber? (new Occupy LA), Arlen (artist) Jeannine
(artist new), Micheal (teamster, new), Cat (new, ? sorry), PA (new,
art handler), Alena (curator, artist, writer), Katie (artist), AK
(artist WAGE, teacher), Emily (artist,handler, artworker, new), Jess
(writer, new, teacher), Tara, Jeff, Michelle (muscian solidarity
council), Yates, Sahara (writer, new), Jean Carlo (new, friend),
Heather (artist), Sam (artist, teacher) Pat (new, artist, handler),
Lisa (artist, handler, new), Blake (artist), Sean (artist, new)
Cheney, Frances (new, handler) ? Blithe (arts and culture,) Martha
(writer), Chris (everything), Alex (gallery, new), Chris (artist,
enw), Nolan, Patrick (artist), woody, Ian (artist, sound, assistant),
Liz (curator, Vancouver, new), Lydia (artist, new), Tim (artist),
Trista (artist) Y.K. (artist), Nicole (artist writer) Celeste (artist
new), Daniel (artist new), Matt (Muscian council, new), Annie, Nathan
(artworker), Dan (artist, graphic design), Lizzy (artist, student),
Sam (artist new) Caitlan (artist new) Barry (artist new), Eliza
(artist new), Elena (writer, arts journal, OWS veteran), Shabit
(artist, business owner), Josh (artistart worker, administrator), Amy
(artist, Curatorial assistant, new), Emily (Wage, grant writer) Zach,
(filmmaker, new), Brian (artist new), Andrew (artist adjunct) Erin
(curator, administrator)


Report of plans (2 min)

General Plan N17
7:00: First action – meet up, march, meet at red sculpture
12:30 Occupy Lunch
3:00 Union Square (City Wide Student Strike)
3:00 Five Burroughs Meet Up with Labor Unions– gather, tell stories,
move into the city)
5:00: City Hall to Brooklyn Bridge. Is this G.A. that starts at
Liberty Park? Please clarify.

Arts and Labor – Occupy Lunch
12:30 – 2:00
Outreach / Speakout / G.A. with our broad coworkers
Soft occupation event on the highline

“Open letter to the Culture Industry” 8 page pamphlet written by a
member for Occupy Lunch to get people to speak about what’s going on –
addressing specific conditions

Questions pamphlet – question on outreach and message we use, a space
for speculations – inviting open discourse.

For Questions pamphlet – Files will be posted tonight. Please trim the
buttom if you can for Question pamphlets.

Concensus based, let’s try to create better threads.
Let’s use finalized files for posters, flyers to share
Concise information important, Aesthetics of Multitude great!
There is a way to structure your threads on Google so that your
personal email doesn’t get out of control
Resources thread needs more development

+ Jeanine and Michael offers Highline histories / economics

+ Friendly amendment: Propose and explain break out group?

Agenda / Concept of the day
Use highline as a backdrop for discourse and sharing…

Logistics / How to implement the day
Who facilitates? Trained? Does anybody know if facilitations is
happening today?
***By the end of the meeting, these people raised their hands about
potentially facilitating, either in the larger group, or subgroups
Rachel , Yates, Erin, Blithe, Nicole, MPA, Yates, Annie, Chris?
[possibly more]

Note: Groups, Logistics and Content are intimately connected.
Discussion is helpful. How are we going to structure the action.

contingency plan issue, food preparation, logistics, agenda

Logistics first
Agenda next
Content last

>>Point of reference – People are moving people out of the park.
>> About 10 members departed to help

Cheney – Urge the format of  a speak out, Occupy Lunch is a moment to speak

Let’s Talk!

Content 15 minutes
Why are we doing this:
Blithe — content: people come with stories
having the GA being free form / people’s mic /
police process as a part of the public negotiation

Nancy – demonstration about occupation of a status site
Congregate people in the city
Open letter great

Annie – what makes this different is not occupation of site, but
occupation of time, once thought occupation of lunch and highline was
soft, no longer…

How are we doing this?
Dan – Our action of occupying lunch at Highline is not soft. Let’s
diversify our experience, bring other people that are not just
graduate school chums

Chris – cut down logistics, get to the meat faster!

Nicole – The key two questions of the day: How do we feel? What do we do?

Nolan – Preplanned that something we want to say – aim the discussion
to lead to political agenda, beginning of dalogue

Michael – Highline is important for artist vendor rights and talk
about that in G.A. There are a lot of ways people prevents free speech
in the city.
Only six people sell their work.

Martha – Materials are really key. Centralize them and have them look at.

Woody –  Signs! Make us noticeable.

Yates – Given that we are occupying time – G.A. should be flexible in time.
Non arts worker people will be interested / inclusive to all.
1 unified printing
People’s mic is super helpful

Lee: I don’t take lunch break, even they don’t feel free to leave,
move the group more printed matter – mobilize – diversify.

Nolan: Fax production is another unified sign too

Clarification: what is this fax? Occupy Lunch: white and black field

AK – Possible strategy: it’s hard to read publicly…  but let’s reads
sections of the materials, in favor of something formal and generative
– such as the last two paragraphs of the pamphlet

Andrea – Process concern in horizontalism – really like Michael and
Jeanine’s work, and support bringing in the vendor conversation into
the G.A.

Katie – find the stories in pamphlet moving and bring in solidarity.
The text is universal. Though lunch break is short amount of time.  In
the case breaking off to groups – what to do?

Cat: focus on agenda, reaching to arts community, traditionally we are
in New York, interested in freelance rights

Blithe: Agree that we need to abbreviate, and define our rules of
engagement. Second Nicole’s idea of  “What are our problems, how do we
feel?” Commitment to bringing those two points will work. Room for
individual positions, a myriad of voices, no need for unification.

Chris: AK, KB Perspective –short moments he identified with during a
OWS G.A – the reading of the occupation. “We are your allies. Do we
have to go that far, affinity to the movement!” [This statement might
be mistyped, please correct]

>>Point of information: Whoever has lost property due to police occupation, please circulate. OWS occupants now have 24 hours access rules set by the company.

Nathan – Like GA to be medium for people, plant people who can talk

Loose structure, reach out to art workers, general concensus, personal
testimonials, format is flexible, general feelings that people can go
into confidence.

? What will be distributed? What else do we have to make in terms of
printed materials, outreach effort, visuals?

Tara summarizes Content:
1.      Start with speakers within ourselves
2.      And then we will disperse in smaller groups

Propose a simple thing we modeled upon.
Cardboard and pen available
Urge ongoing dialogue, this will be one of many Occupy Lunch

Suggests quick raise of hands of who would speak: Many responded.

Let’s know how we will break into groups
Bring bags of  materials.
Have people tell stories
Going to the galleries, stick that f__king cardboard on your window!

OWS identification – take account for this subject position so people
can chime in.
Art vendors – build constituencies

AK? Propose:
Introduction with Arts and Labor Statement
Speak out starts with last two paragraphs of the “Open Letter of
Culture Industry”
Somewhere in our materials should be ID about NEXT MEETING
Staying a large group as long as possible: consensus reached

1.      Abbreviated GA
2.      We all come prepared to speak with testimonials
3.      Pamphlets
4.      GA Pamphlets / Promotional materials for how to stay involved
5.      Duct Tape 99 % Cardboard
6.      Go to gallery : Autonomous action – Occupy


With an urge to invite people for FUTURE MEETING

Remember: $100 can be asked from Arts and Culture within 24 hours to
request meeting.

Meeting adjourned. Discussions finished at White Horse, unrecorded.

Micelleneous notes from subgroup meetings that Annie recorded:

Hummus with Cucumbers

5 boxes
Reception Table Cloths
Duct tape and markers

STICKERS will say: 50/50

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