Arts and Labor Minutes 2/7/12

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Minutes 2-7-2012

– Antonio / Rachel – alt economies group event happening on the 19th.
Antonio – event at Greenpoint church – creative commons – the commons
– led by Antonio and Maria bik from occupy museums – forum on the
commons including land, creative, information, workshoppibg things.
596 acres invited also – a group given a map by the brooklyn city
council of all the common spaces (free plots of land, available for
use) in helpline
127 Kent – greenpoint church Feb 16-18

Report back / continued
L: parsons  – 7pm – occupy museums group facilitating a talk on OM
activities. led as group.
Thursday – 20 Cooper sq. Weather underground Bill Ayers and Bernadette
Peterson talking about direct action – YES lab activity. 7pm.
Thursday – 5:30 pm Brooklyn tech HS – panel for educational policy
votiing to close public schools  – meeting and possible aciton against
the closing of many Brooklyn schools. Public Hearing. 29 Fort Greene
pl. between fulton and hav.
Woody – Antonio has a proposal a few weeks ago to add to the site a
place for all the subgroups to write out what they’re working on –
arts and cluture group already doing this. Add to htread and wody will
handle tech. Impt to start for transperency and for our own internal
processes. just get basic info and we can add to it.
CK: Judson report back – meting about May 1 – next meeting at the
church is this Friday. Saturday went to Harid’s studio to have a
solidarity meeting workshop (have drinks and fun… and talk) get the
ball rolling on A&L meeting in general. after the convo last week – a
press release necessary to talk about the issues of labor aroun the
biennial. A general draft by the 21st – A&L reach consensus by then.
avoid google groups because of its meandering nature. Rachel: maybe
now that the decision has been made a google group is the right forum.
Other: for security reasons and privacy reasons (because A&L gg has
whitney people on it). Need to create a private google group to deal
with drafting the letter.
CK: Marta talkign about what great events the MoMA occupys were – what
about crediting ourselves in addition to A&L?
Woody: A&L server fixed this afternoon
Antonio: about the commons forum – propose it to the wall street to
main street project. community gardners forum having a distributed
forum in all community gardenst this year, maybe this is a site for
working together. We can help with the commons, the forums – A&L
welcome to add to it. A coalition is forming. Recently went to an
archives forum forming and has internal issues (private instituion vs.
pure commons) – open for workshopping ideas about the commons.
Other: meeting with amass earlier this week – going to work with the
group to develop coalition projects – generate occupy trunout, create
visuals and informative pamphlets around rezoning. Meeting at HENS on
thursday to generate ideas and materials.
AS: union group working on a survey about art worker rights – what are
you getting from your job? we’l try and release the survey march 5th.
the data the union group collects will be released soon. trying to
match our meetings with alt. econ. get on google group. teach-in meet
in by union group should be something the A&L attend. Coalition teach-
in in March.
Erin: can union group do report backs at A&L
CK: anonymity on union impt.
Erin/AS: just a summarry needed. Woody agrees, group agrees.

1) L: MoMA action. Consensus about what of moma action goes on site.
Who has Access to blog: Leia: posted NYFA on blog. who can post on
blog and what?  how can we make this  work together.

2) Occupy Lunch

3) Protocol


1) Moma: what should go on blog? shows around photo of moma occupy.
Baldessari too many.
Laura: moma ended up being about sothebys. we hadn’t talked about this
before. not proper protocol.
Antonio: do we need to cross-check who’s in the photos that go online
OM and A&L?
MS: collab between arts and labor and Occupy Museums – who’s project
was it? I was  on CNN, there’s a certain amt of risk in this.
Erin: agree with Laura. these are 2 sep convos – how do we make
actions more as a group. doesn’t like how occupy moma was spread/
CK: it would help in AL messaged more. OM is already staring to do
things with the Whitney on its own.AL needs to participate more or at
least state its name “in support” not totalizing but on there in some
Woody: agrees with Chris. Don’t want to have a proposal for every time
something goes on the blog. what is the middle ground between a blog
post and a group statement.
AS: as a individual there are things we….. Moma not ended not
ending. there are other things we should be doing that we can do on
our own.
Erin: process: gets so bogged down by  process. we have endless
discussions about how things went down and how they could have should
antonio: two sides to this: 1) putting it up by sanction. 2) “its not
that bad”. can the two come to some kind of agreement? whether we want
to allow this or not.
Laura: need to talk more about sensitive public actions and how to
deal with.
Proposal: to post photos of moma
AS: friendly ammendment – trust her to carry out and do it and if we
don’t like it we take it don’t. Instead of calling it full on
collabortation, just say that many AL members showed up and
MS: let’s call it collaboriation or solidarity.
Proposal passed. Leina will post and will call it in solidarity with

Leia: a protocal thing: what protocol do we want before we can post
things on to the blog.
Erin: a bunch of us are admins on the facebook page – can we just
integrate this? is there a way of putting from facebook to the site.
Antonio: easy to move from blog to fb, hard other way around. Suggests
we start with the blog. people post things there first.
Rachel: more activity, more things going on. think about clarity  for
the webiste diffferent than how fb works – make it clearer to find out
whats going on. we need a place for organizational things or event
Other: we should be posting stuff as much as possible. We should have
posted the MOMA photos within 10 mins of walking out the door of moma.
We dont need to be so proprietary about how we share the information.
seperate the free for all from the working groups.
Woody: initially buildign the site… i’m wondering if we could do
something where we list events or articles and they relate back to our
activities make sure to provide summaries even if just mentioned. way
of showing ongoing activity.
CK: issue of transparency came up last week. we can take things down
and talk about them. need more activity on site in general.
L: who are the FB admins, cna anyone be addd?
Laura: keeping the main page clear – add blog as a separate tab.
AS: wrote about this for work. we should have some kind of limitation
on the blog so people have to summarize their arguments. maybe
complicating things too much  don’t feel strongly about it.
roccommended limits maybe. keep in mind to be concise.
Leia: talk about blog not being distracting. Important to keep our
front page changing. Since there are people already posting on
Other: editiorial suggestions… are these pertinent to the proposal
MS: where’s the blog part?
Woody: the blog is for a project or action coming up and report backs.
this is one of those things that’s a bigger possibility. We could all
go forward in a NYGA kind of format.

Blog –
Antonio: it seems unclear about the concern of the blog not being the
splash page.
Erin: we haven’t bulked up on the projects so why would that be the
front page, and also, why would that keep us from adding other things
to the site.
Aaron: for 1 don’t conflate access and design decisions. We can learn
from how this develops over the next couple weeks. Needs to be a place
for information. Blog will be seen. About is front and center.
Excerpts beneath it.
Laura: I can see why front page would be boring as an about. Could
also list upcoming events and projects.
Antonio: do we feel that the blog is too much opening the floodgates.
Woody: put energy behind documenting our projects. Why are we just
going to blog openly.
Leia: we need to focus on reading room and projects.
Aaron: you need to update a project page before you can update willy
Billy to the blog. You need to work on projects and on the reading
Antonio: the blog does have the capability for posts to be vetted.
Antonio: until breakout groups are done, blog needs to fill out with
work portion of the website.
Other: friendly amendment: whoever wants to post must put it in front
of one other person.
Laura: for subcommittee descriptions: can we have a guideline?
MS: important 100 word limit for descriptions.
Woody: there is a Template in place for the groups.
Antonio: since every group works differently can’t limit.
Laura: 100 words for descriptions o groups.
PASSED: 100 word descriptions.
PASSED: blog updetaes happen on honor system. Project pages must be
filled out first.

2) Occupy Lunch:
AS: brainstorming what to do for the next one.
CK: great that the last one was pulled together in about 10 days, it
was great to have the energy.
MS: needs to have a theme. Like union info. Not a theme an “angle”
Erin: occupy lunch is a tactic.
MS: gentrification as angle on the LES would be perfect.
CK: since the LES schedule is different can we do it on sunday?
Laura: March 25th proposed to avoid spring break and armory.
AS: impt to partner a message. Send her an email with ideas.

3) Protocol:
Erin: too many rules in the google doc.  Really need to deal with
these issues of how to have a separate google thread to deal with
privacy, security, etc. Also, people post on the google group and then
they don’t move forward – is this because they don’t want to move
forward or because they see a barrier?
Aaron: if you propose an idea to the meeting you should also make an
effort to see it though.
Woody: have seen this in other groups. How to we deal with people
anticipating beaurocracy.
MS: have to balance people doing direct DA. Not feeling that google
group is a safe space. Not a safe space professionally.
Erin: maybe there’s a way to reward the people who do organize things.
Maybe there is something like a 10 week rotation where people do
sufferer tactical things

3) Direct Actions
CK: is there a way that direct actions could be dealt with through a
da point person.
Last week there was a woman on gg who didn’t think that we addressed
blue collar concerns. Too heady.
L: what does the rewards kind of system for things look like like.
Erin: I mean a support team needed.
Antonio: with the workflow space on the site there is a place for
AS: we need a place for living documents. Even something like protocol
so controversial and complicated is amazing and we need a space for
that. Doesn’t mean the support team doesn’t exist. We need to use gg
strategically. It would be good at some point to have a work meeting.
Have a calendar and this will lead to it’s own structure.
Antonio: re chris comment, how could we have a statement that says the
google group is a 100 percent free for all.
Erin: suggest a seperate meeting for a protocol meeting.

4) Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
LV: Currently in the VLANY residency. Will be working with two
Columbia law students as interns. Would like to offer as a resource to
A&L – what would the group like to get from this?
(teach in suggested)
L: adjuncts getting paid workplace protection – workplace labor issues
and the arts.
MS: occupenial Seth on the page interested in IP. More the arts side.
Intersecting it with school.  Suggest a teachin
Erin: Peter Walsh At Cardozo lawshool. Artlaw lab at Cardozo.
Advocating for street artists.
A teach in proposed.
New project. Point person on site for this.

5) Whitney
Aaron: Not excluding people from the list.
Antonio: reportback?
CK: Erin had an idea on gg about end the Whitney biennial. Decided to
take it into a private forum. This was a addressed and were sorry
about it. We started talking and said it would be great to get the
ball rolling on A&L and it would be great get a press release
MS: how nice it would be to build up a body of letters like nyfa.
Maybe we should write a sothebys letter. We should speak out about the
biennial. A big thing for me is the supposed myth of the success that
comes with the biennial. And that can be plugged into the letter.
Erin: since it is a physical event there Should be some kind of other
Laura: why at the beginning of the exhibition?
CK: catch on the fanfare
Mamie: the way to get in the reviews of the show is to do it at the
Antonio: does a strike or direct action group want a presence on the
web? Strike things are seperate.
Laura: we have to see how the letter is coming together. Strategic to
tie the letter into the other activities of the group – the problems
of the Whitney seem linked to the subgroups of AL. Maybe a good way of
working towards 2014 ad a goal can we leave it very broad now and let
it strengthen over the next 2 years.
Woody: like doing a press release. Even like a yes men style parody.
Rachel: talkdd to Michael who’s a teamster at the Whitney. The
contract was settled and not in a particulary desirable way for the
workers. Whitney labor dispute is resolved.
Aaron: a narrow proposal, doesn’t foreclose our ability to so other
AS: I second that.
CK: with the teamsters the problem is that the event is sponsored by
Sotheby’s. We need to move on the letter and other actions can happen
around it.
L: trust the writers. There are always issues we can work on in the
next two years. What’s in the letter?
MS: bullet points have been established.
Other: press preview at 4 in the afternoon. What if we have a whole
group of people at the door during the press release?
MS: biennial embodies issues of 1 percent capital, issues of cultural
capital, etc. It’s spring, we haven’t gone away. It’s another
AS: another thing. A huge vision. To actually end it. This should/
could be a goal.
Other: we should coalition with occupennial and museums.
CK: OM also working on the Whitney biennial. Should work towards a

Other agendas:
Possible fundraiser.

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