Arts and Labor Minutes 2/14/12

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Minutes  :
A/L mtg
Chris stack:
Leina : minutes
loose facilitation
7 people

Agenda :

1. Whitney
3. Union
4. Occupy lunch

C – talk to union people about arts & labor & website

*Whitney discussion:

W. Multiple prong approach is good
Feb.28th artist opening
29th – VIP opening

Consensus – on WB tactic
Importance of anonymity

M. Occupy lunch, march 11th : consensus from group / related to NMASS/
anti-gentrification group

– letter sent to press allies
– hypocrisy of system ” Hey, unpaid intern- can you post this to our
website ( unpaid letter) ?

W: where do we go from here?
A: we sent hard copy too
C: let’s contact Lauren’s lawyers – get legal advice/ feedback on what
exactly is illegal re: unpaid internships
L: legal issue
A: we can send letter to attorney general & NY Dept. Of Labor —
follow up
W: hard copy
W: doing a public action, to get attention
C: getting momentum, harper’s piece & NYT – it’s in the air.
M: good letter, talk to lawyers.
Waiting for response. – public
Unethical- talk to Gillbrand or perhaps other sympathetic politicians
J: make letter to Dept of labor stronger w.NYFA examples – specific
examples of what they’re posting on their site –
* We need Arts & Labor
School run ( Hunter, Parsons, Pratt etc) we can go into Carrer
counseling areas of school w.our Intern info – good propaganda /
internship exploitation
* research : public project
* talk to lawyers
* meet services
Separate groups. Announcement lists .
Jen: what is ok, not ok-
Will start research
W: tie into direct actions
Jen: idea of rating galleries.
L : it’s an extensive project
W: action / change you want to see/ not an alternative
M: similar w.WAGE – passing
Ross Perlin – Intern Nation – talk to lawyers –
Email Lauren & Arlen re: lawyers contacts

* OCCUPY lunch +
++ Anti Gentrification/ Spatial politics, connection.
* set for Р>  march 11th Somewhere on LES
( gets consensus )

Essex market is public space .
good way to get involvement.
Tie in w.flyers – somewhere on LES
* important for it to be in public space/ group building w.anti
gentrification action ( march or info )

End of meeting.

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