Arts and Labor Meeting Minutes 11_8_11

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Agenda Items—
Letter in support of Sotheby’s Art Handlers.
Outreach Strategies
Conversation around Chris’s letter?
Organization and Working G process/e-organization/threads
Mission Statement

Facilitators— Blithe and Rachel
Minutes— Erin
Stack Taker— Chris
Time Keeper— Cheyney
Action At Sotheby’s

David from Teamsters 814—
Artist, worked for non-union art handling job. Been working at Sotheby’s union job 20 years, got paid well, good job. Cut 401K and limit pensions, wage reduction during their most profitable year in 167 years. No collective bargaining, no health insurance. Elimination of Union. Locked out for 3 months. Been here at OWS from the beginning. 1st union in support of OWS.
Last week, most intense labor rally when OWS helped on picket line. Sothebys’ clients, wealthiest .001%, 40 wealthiest clients in the world. Tomorrow, minor celebrities, Gagosian, etc. Some arrests.
Tomorrow, social event of the season. Wealthiest part of the art world there.
Be there at 6, auction starts at 7.
We worked with Occupy Museums a couple of weeks ago. Tomorrow, every union in the city will be there. Great to have people in the art world there.
Clarifying question—
Nolan—Where are you going to be? In the space?
David— No, but bring earplugs. We’ll be banging on barricades outside.
Dan—Do you know about labor in other auction houses?
David— Christies is in 814. They are busy, working overtime, not so involved. Rest of local does moving around the country.
Cheyney—Do you have a sense who is providing scabs?
David— Crozier and Trimaxium. Rat in front of Gagosian today. They were pissed. In hosue company, called Borlei (?). Our union organizes a lot of art moving jobs in city.
Cheyney—What is general sentiment about the scabs? Is there outreach to them or aggressive?
David— It doesn’t help to be aggressive to them. WE just talk to them, but they get fired.
Blithe—Occupy Museums will rally a group from the park at 4AM and go to Hunter College.
David— The security guards and Hunter students will meet and march to Sotheby’s together. Or go straight to the building.
Nolan—Never been to a picket line before. What can you do?
David— Can’t say sotheby’s sucks, but you can. As part of Union, I can’t say that. Funnier is better. I made weird signs.
Annie—Do you know when Sothebys unionized.
David— After WWII. Black porters started it.
Sam— Do you know about non-union actions?
Blithe— Let’s talk after.
Blithe— Close stack for agenda.
Mission Statement
Colby Reads Mission Statement.

Arts & Labor is a working group founded in conjunction with the New
York General Assembly for #occupywallstreet. We are dedicated to
exposing and rectifying economic inequalities and exploitative working
conditions in the arts and in culture through direct action and
educational initiatives. By forging coalitions, fighting for fair
labor practices, and reimagining the structures we work within, Arts &
Labor aims to build solidarity among art workers and achieve parity
for every member of the 99%.
Zack— It focuses on art workers, not artists as a whole. It would be good to include work the word “artists” in there as well. Needs to include artists who work.
David— Looks great, but as someone who has been in organized labor, but maybe there should be something about organizing, unions, or coalitions. You really need that structure.
Cheyney— Not over emphasizing artists. Almost opposite, I think we should emphasize art worker. Precarious labor conditions. Effective organizational form is difficult? People are divided, specialized, isolated. Difficult to think of formal organization of labor. How could good aspects of flexible labor be preserved in terms of a union?
Yates— Revising statement, it seems like some mention of Unions is important.
Martha— 3 things. Artists-expanding beyond art world to include people in cinema, etc. that’s why it is not visual artists. 2-Rachel had questions if we are a movement group or action group. 3-tied specifically to NYOWS or worldwide Occupy?
Zach— I’d be reluctant to include unions in statement. I am a union member. Union is a technique, but we should open up to more techniques. Concern with artists thing, as a filmmaker, it does not seem to include me. Art workers in general parlance refers to a traditional labor structure. Mission statement should energize people and be inclusive. Now it is limiting.
Yates— Response. Some mention of unions of 1 technique among many is important. In terms of precise working, the “in culture” is odd. How the idiosyncrasies of art and its economy relate to broader cultural industries of NY-fashion advertising etc.
That will come up. Diverse labor conditions.
Sam— in favor of unions and Martha’s sentence of worldwide occupy movement. Precise but broad representation. Problems with word precarity. What language do we use?
Dan— 2nd the idea of being more inclusive to artists.
Nicole— Function of the group is find best organizational structure for artists/culture workers.
Colby-art world economy/but broader cultural economy; others have much more entrenched unionized labor—film, etc. Art world has almost none.
Blithe— I feel strongly about situating it in NY. The potential power we have is because of the history of organizing in the arts here. On a more functional note. I’ve been calling it a group description. There has to be 2 stages. We need something to work with now, for outreach, but we can continue to work on the statement.
Dan— What are we doing right now?
Rachel— First we present conerns. Then people can present friendly amendment to proposal, which the proposer can accept or reject—
Artists vs. art worker
What are we creating? Unions?
Focus on NY or broader movement?
Should we move to discussion?
Chris- 2 people on stack.
Cheyney-Can we do a quick rewrite which is sufficiently broad and then target our statement to who we are trying to reach and have some degree of autonomy.
David— In labor, we accepted the statement and then decided it could be amended later on. I’d like to include union somewhere.
Chris— I like coalitions and guilds. Union turns people off.
Annie- re-reads that part of Mission.
Dan— Are there other ways to do outreach beyond mission statement? Better ways that we can connect to the broader world.
Victor— A number of unscrupulous art dealers. Organizing in front of galleries. They should be outed for ripping off artists.
Point of process.
Yates— Moving forward. Specific wording? Online? Now is not best time to hash it out.
Stack for how to deal with this.
Nicole— collaborative online process was better than this. Can we take a temperature check to do this online on the google group?
Temperature check. Yes.
Friendly amendment— Accept first 2 sentences and then the last sentence online.
No consensus.
Blithe— Let’s not circulate the statement until we finalize.
Cheyney— Can we give ourselves until Friday? There are big actions being planned for the 17th.
Blithe— Proposal— give ourselves until Friday. Passes.
Erin— Doodle poll to finish this up on Friday?
Blithe— Meet again on Friday.
Yates— Another in person meeting is too much?
Annie— Do we feel okay using a personal statement that can be modified or we all have to use same statement? I don’t think we have to all use it the same way.
Dan— Without “artists” in there, I don’t feel included.
Woody— Can we hear these concerns online and integrate them?
Rachel— Can we finish online and vote by Friday?
Blithe— Be clear if you don’t agree at the end of the day on Friday. Polling on doodle is hard. We will have to discuss via google group. I have faith.
Martha— Can I just clarify that we are talking about artists and culture industries? And Ny or worldwide? Doesn’t need a huge revision.
? Isn’t it just “art workers” that is the problem?
Point of process
Blithe— Stack is closed. Proposal was to finish online. Let’s move to that.
Antonio— Can we have a breakout group after this meeting to talk about it?
Blithe— Agenda recap.
Temperature check on pamphlet first. Yes.
Cheyney— Non-descript group over meeting got together to talk about 17th of November. There’s no singular actions, but many throughout the day, so I wanted to get a pamphlet to hand out to people who can’t be online or come to meetings. Outreach.
Erin— What is happening on 17th?
Cheyney— Early morning blockade of Wall Street. Bridge takeover. Attempts to occupy buildings.
Blithe— Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. Breakfast is to shut down wall street and bridge. Lunch is focused on Occupy Brooklyn and outer boroughs. Dinner we come back here and ends in a party. Does anyone know? Is it a march.
Cheyney— Direct action at night. Good opportunity to outreach, but not in a way that gets them arrested.
Annie—New School, CUNY, and Julliard and NYU is planning a walk out. Nov. 17th.
David–Occupy Central park has moved to 17th (maybe) rally and concert.
Annie—Can we provide something for people to gather around for that day? Meeting place? Bar?
Nicole—Create committee to make pamphlet.
Cheyney—Would be great to get Chris’s pamplet out. If we could to a run of Chris’s and then a follow up with Greg Sholette’s list of questions. A couple days apart. Before 17th.
Colby—17th is great. As to printed material would be a poster that people are carrying around. Shared sense of integrity of group.
Seth— 2nd pamphlet— Maybe using some of Greg’s questions? Framework to develop more questions? Bigger question to not alienate people. In terms of printing, standard size ny post.
Blithe— I am confused about what we are going to produce before talking about how we will participate seems pre-emptive. Should we tag on to something that is already happening or plan an action? We keep referring to Chris’s text, passing around.
Chris— I wrote a text, Open Letter to Labor Servicing the Culture Industry. Personal experiences working in the art world as an art handler and adjunct. Made a call for solidarity.
Blithe— If we are going to release a pamphlet as a group—problem of authorship—distribution as an autonomous action. Since 17th is close, maybe something simple.
Martha— Nicole’s letter?
David— I want to echo what this brother here—“brother” is a union term we use—said when we go to a rally we all wear this stuff so we know other teamsters. You are all creative people. Great strength is visual flair. From this meeting you would all look like everybody else. Funny hat?
Nolan— Simple side? Group meeting for poster? Studio moment. Can’t happen on google group b/c we need effective imagery.
Yates— Visual Identifier is a huge can of worms. Representation? Point of process. Whether to set up a committee to work on this question. Big problem. Won’t be resolved here. Sub-working group. Ethical principles in how to have autonomy but something that links them. Occupy Museums, Warhol one. Pamplets—?
Annie— Goal to support larger movement? Or speaking to own community to bring them in? This format does not allow for hundreds. What is goal for Nov. 17th?
Dan— Support autonomy idea.
Woody— Less interesting in addressing ourselves on 17th but support messaging working group. Pamphlet talking to our various audiences. Rip off of gallery guide?
Al— 17th what is realistic goal? I am hearing about art workers losing jobs. The imagery should be jobs, creating jobs, not art workers losing their jobs. New industry. People want to save themselves. Doesn’t see creativity…made bank robbing bag (with OWS on it). Seems like an idea farm here, where nothing is going to happen. Make new jobs.
Erin— List for AWC
Martha— Yona Backer from Third Streaming said we can use here space.
Blithe— autonomous group for Nov. 17th.
Erin— Proposal?
Nicole— Friendly amendment. Focus on 17th. Pamphlet to distribute.
Cheyney— Direct action forms of messaging. Do we feel empowered to do that? Or hesitancy? What kind of internal divisions for working groups?
Blithe— Proposal for subgroup to meet and report back.
Cheyney— We have deadlines, but we want to organize people not just to preserve what already exists. One thing to keep in mind, we can take advantage of this moment (the 17th) and learn how to be together in resistance and then move forward. Not just organizing against the oppressor, but grow the movement.
More people, how to make jobs etc. will emerge.
Nolan— We keep talking about 17th. The deadline is really days before. Come up with some solid meeting days.
Yates— Agenda, getting off. Times and dates for meetings.
Julie— This is only our 5th meeting. Keeps growing. Proposal— People could sign up for action groups and that can happen outside this meeting.
Blithe— Close stack on this and talk about meeting times at end. Can we talk about next topic?
Organization of Group
Rachel— Transition to spokescouncil. How does A&L fit within Arts and Culture. Operations deals with things happening at park. Movement deals with general movement. How did Arts and Culture register? Report back.
Antonio— I don’t know the spokescouncil issue, but I was talking about organizational structure within arts and culture umbrella. I was doing internet, but couldn’t figure out all the art groups, so I came up with 4 basic groups within arts and culture so people know where to go. 2nd or 3rd largest group in GA. Web— Antonio— thematic, collective, commons, organizational teams. Thematic— Arts and Institutions, Labor, Education, around special issues in arts; Collectives and affinity groups— small collectives that work independently, but don’t define themselves. Nebulous. Organizational teams— Information team. Structure team. Spaces, like not an alternative, would source them. Guilds, or skill groups, or commons— painters who paint, theater groups who make work. Seek guild help for murals, etc. It’s fluid, not set in stone. Info is on now.
Yates— Antonio deserves mad props. This group formed out of dissatisfaction w/Arts and Culture, but I know that this is a larger question of how to relate to arts and culture.
Antonio— You could petition internet to get own group on or decide if you want to work in this structure or get your own group. Put up mission statement.
Martha— Arts and Culture has gone in and out of statement.
Cheyney— Excellent. One reason it came up. As I started to invite more people. The site gets unruly. Ease of use. Are you house cleaning? Some kind of introductory page for each group. Hard to find minutes. FAQ. Info about group.
Blithe— Point of info. It looks better now.
Andrea— How did this come out of a dissatisfaction with A&C?
Yates— Just my opinion, less about specific complaints. This just formed to be separate and focused, not from a specific complaint.
Woody— Messaging. I don’t mind hierarchy, but I want clear messaging.
Dan— Online part of group is really important. Google Groups is really inadequate. Social networking could be a better model. Open source things…diaspora. Is there somebody we can look to? Google group is baffling.
Blithe— This came out of Arts and Culture. The question is more, do we want to branch away from arts and culture? As it stands, we are part of A&C.
Cheyney— A&C has emphasis on art itself and this group is more about invisible networks that support all of these activities and support all of that I support being under umbrella of arts and culture. That said, can we get back to agenda. Operational vs. Movement. Seems like we are movement.
Rachel— Clear that this is movement group. Unclear how A&C is negotiating that divide still. We have to wait and see. Sounds like that is happening. Table for later.
Annie— Right now OWS is still a movement. So I am fine with Arts and Labor being part of movement without knowing where we belong. I would rather just speak to people’s working conditions. Having minutes not on a google group is incredibly helpful.
Nicole— So little time. Take proposals for subcommittee.
Blithe— We gave this agenda 20 minutes, do we give another ten minutes? Temperature check.
Cheyney— first agenda item for next week should be about what under arts and culture. Discreet working groups.
Yates— subcommittee groups break out.
Temp check—
Rachel— Should we do this for ten minutes?
Yates— Nov. 17th, messaging, throw out ideas.
Erin— Alternative structures. L3C, beyond non and for profit. Social and solidarity economies.
Dan— Into unions, but would like to know more about cooperatives.
Antonio— If art and food wants to meet there? Point to places.
Nicole— Outreach.
Blithe— Nov. 17th? Direct Action committee.
Nolan— Art making group for Arts and Labor. Imaging. Makers/ Outreach is broad.
Nicole— Imaging or visual materials could be sub-committee.
? I don’t know if there is going to be a chance to ask people about theory and ideology. Text. Has that been discussed? Has it been brought up with agitating with matrials about struvtureal. Way that art economy relates to larger economy. Theory and ideology.
Alt Economies
Direct action
Andrea— Relation to A&C
?Problem with Hyper specialization
Antonio— point of process. Just break out groups.
Erin— Break out for urgent groups. Direct action and outreach. Alt economies, etc. can go on google group.
Thank you Blithe.
Afterhours shit notes—
Nov. 17th Direct Action
Schedule of events for Nov. 17th. Who knows?
Already stuff planned. Every day at 2pm. Cemetery by Trinity Church.
Blithe can go Friday.
Pamphlet of Chris Kaspar. Whoever wants to make it should make it.
Compile mission and testemonials. Question format that Greg put out.
Format_ AWC notes? Greg notes? Questions are good way to deal with fact we don’t know what we are doing. Come to meeting. Tumblr or place to answer question.
Come to our meetings or tell us you story. Answers.
Nicole’s letter.
Me not paying attention.
Blithe— Have a GA during lunch.
Yates— Soft forms or POPS. Who owns space and Brian Lehrer have been mapping these. Detourning these POPS. You can’t sit down at Zucotti. Charile Sheen— Winning!
Symbolic spaces for GA— High Line— High Line is central attraction. Deutche Bank wanted to build this space so it could get away with building higher. Yes/No? High line. Steward Park? Lincoln Plaza?
Who can work on pamphlet? Cheyney and Nicole and Martha and Sam and Claire and Arlen.
Solidarity in Poland. For each event there would be a different poster.
Autonomy? It is a huge problem. One image representing group.
Annie—What started for me was Occupy Artists Space, someone will always have a bad reaction.
Lunch time on the High line for art labor. 1 hour for GA on high line for art labor.
Problems for Chelsea? Occupy Central Park. Frederick Law Olmstead art work. Places that can bring places together.
High Line—we are all supposed to go there. Symbolic gesture?
At Goldman Sachs, there is a building with Julie Mehretu and other people, great art collection, you can’t see it. Not a POPS.
Nicole – likes idea of the High Line; purpose to reach out to people in the arts industry; giving up nuance, but will make sense; locationally; and lunch hour; pragmatic; in days leading up— people on the ground, handing things out
Julie – convenience factor for High Line; can take and hour break and get to know what we’re doing; outreach; good location; Crozier there
Blake – agree; likes breakfast/lunch/dinner modality; High Line good lunchtime; need to distinguish between our – as a group – breakfast, lunch, and dinner activities; Breakfast at Sotheby’s; at what point can we not be defending the name artist or art worker and being bodies, involved with the movement? Respecting different ideas of engagement
Dan – High Line, a redux of Artists Space? Part of problem of OWS, emphasis on capital; productive capital/small capital; not a story about morality; story about the logic we’re all trapped in; finding a different model for the way art circulates in society; we might occupy something that we have something we have familiarity with
Jeff – Fourth the High Line; we’re all in it together, but question that addresses different people— what is that alternate structure? Formed around that question. Works as a handler; many handlers artists. Only reason he’s a handler— only structure that supports him to be an artist. Addresses quality of life; how to be supported in a positive and healthy way. Paralysis we’re all in. High Line— great person to start because “low” person in the world is working there. What is that alternate economic structure? It could bring us all together in this cohesive movement
Annie – loves breakfast/lunch/dinner idea— different locations. High Line— problem b/c easy leisure space. Should target laborers in that area. And time when people are having lunch. This is a beginning. I suggest doing dinner and I think that should take place at Wall Street. Tie it to a larger discourse. Dinner— interesting time to focus on Wall Street. Zuccotti Park, powerful— being able to see what’s going on there – maybe end at 60 Wall Street or the park itself
Erin – Support High Line; brown bag lunch about Arts & Labor. Then tell them that dinner will take place at XX – Zuccotti Park. Important for peole to know the infrastructure to Zuccotti – get to know the structure, daily life, drummers, sexual assault issues. Bread and butter issues of living and working. Symbolic space – High Line, hear about what people are saying and that we’re going back to Zuccotti for dinner
Blythe – Practically— breakfast is direct action, arrestable; so keep this in mind. In solidarity with OWS dinner— celebration. End should be more fun; Perhaps focus on lunch
Nathan – Nice to have a list/map of potentially public/private spaces – to pass out at High Line; Erin point of information— Brian Leher mapping this; others – events; POPS; on 11/19; NPR has every map
Arlen – Occupation should be two-part; High Line, fine; but … ultimate site for “recuperable art gestures”; Taco stand for Ramirez-Jonas; action on High Line should be “violent” – like Artists Space, unrecoupable; should be a little bit nasty; his fantasy— from High Line to Seward Park; Whitney Program’s project – Michael Cataldi, et al. Video on the High Line being a totally recoupable thing; wants to do an aggressive action at High Line and then better one – “good” leftist one at Seward
Cheyney – Occupy Lunch; rather than producing an image, I don’t see it as an “action” per se – nuanced politics of the High Line – would love to shit on the High Line; Dejenuer sur l’Herbe – addressed Hausmanization of Paris; likes High Line as “soft” – a non-intervention; anticipates intervention by social programming – problem of the social class; what does it produce? Think through issues of identity, one of ambiguous terrains, issues of representation; perhaps hold a GA on the High Line – not an intervention; rather a “gray zone” for people to be introduced to process of movement; affect— most of OWS’s success (Tumblir, use of first person, politicized form of hope pre Obama – now politicized disappointment (linage between politics); lunch aspect— expression of solidarity, leaves room to – everything else; lunch— some instrumental aspect, entry into format, etc. Point of Info— do people even get a break? Freelance jobs, often eat on the job. But frame work of lunch— take the break that you deserve …
Tara – Freelance worker – most of the people in Chelsea (art handlers); that we could mobilize them for 20 minutes – doesn’t need to be “shit on the High Line” – just has its location; we can bring workers to High Line, if only for 10 minutes, to get information for dinner; we all have these mailing lists, use our mailing lists; just take a bathroom break and come to the High Line! This is something we can all do – so that they can know what we care about what they do; that we care about the what they’re doing.
Yates – agreed— shitting on the High Line is a masculinist trope; Lunch happens every day. No reason we have to make it a single day thing. One idea— considering enthusiastic press (Hypoallergic; Art Fag City); “occupy lunch” – could be a meme in its own right. Occupy High Line – Diller and Scofidio consider themselves as detourned, SI architects; so, it’s a leisure cooptation, but it’s a “soft” space – it’s not an institution; High Line aggressively announces itself as an SI space, to be detourned; First phase— brown bags everyday of the week; tomorrow … by 11/17, more people, tents, D&S forced to respond; push the boundary without the nastiness of Artists Space; no one is going to condemn occupying the High Line; Antonio’s pres. @ 16 Beaver, networking sites – economically, geographically, etc. Making the High Line a “node” – calling the bluff of D&S; two people go down tomorrow … etc. High Line could be long term, cool, engaging, fun;
Sam – was with the belligerent High Line response. But Yates’s diplomatic version. So what I take from Arlen’s comment, blake said the place is scripted, framed. That is diller and scofidio’s intervention— framing the city. Lunch is enframed. That would be where people take lunch. But people have to work during lunch. Want to make it a bit “harder”, more aggressive. Maybe do something with the lights, hold signs on the windows looking out to the street.
Patrick— Tangent? Split b/t art handler careerists and art handlers who are doing it just to make their own art. Interested in agitating – not used to autonomy. Do we need to be in agreement on what we do on the High Line? Point of process— we want to do a General Assembly; Blythe— beauty of the GA is that it’s an educational space; we can all come in with our own model of the situation. Idea of the GA— despite Occupy Museums – mixed feelings around it – but taking the GA out of Zuccotti Park is a powerful thing; it works. There was a moment @ MoMA where we had the cops speaking through the people’s mic. There’s the actual occupation; then there’s the discourse around it. Think of our call to action in terms of how we use language and invite people. But only a certain amount of control we can have over what happens. Yates’ idea – can happen in iterations. Patrick— doesn’t have a particular position – more for outreach; points in common; position he’s familiar with, Marxist position – structure of how things exist, Neoliberal position; would this offer some catalyzing, unifying position? Are we wary of making that raison d’etre? Cheyney— broad, autonomous speaker; if he wants to put out analysis … Blake— GA, people trying to write mission statements; GA’s privileging of autonomy. At one point can we sustain a generic complaint?
Get back on stack !!!
Julie – no idea what I was going to say … Cheyney— the symbolic and methodological concerns of High Line … Julie— Bushwick, parties??? People not into parties – always a march
Nicole – power of the GA of incorporating people. But, structure it as a “speak out.” Tapping into people’s satisfaction. Occupying lunch being too benign – but if people voicing their labor conditions, it could be a catalyst, instead of reifying this “radically inclusive structure”; Yates— could be a “human Tumblir”
Martha – pro-High Line; Chris’s text and receptionists in solidarity with art handlers; Chelea— a lot of workers; out reach, etc.
Andrea – to Patrick’s point, about particularity and the GA and privileging about autonomy; Blake— GA a machine of producing affect/effect; Andrea— would caution against romanticizing the GA – witnessed a Stepford Wife GA. How can we make it a better GA? Blake— what else do we want to do? Yates’ we’re doing a GA right now. Blythe— people’s mic powerful. Cheyney— taking the GA outside of Zuccotti; GA weaponized; we’re talking about a mode of address; we’re talking about a politicized form of listening; think we should emphasize people’s mic; Blythe— people’s mic identifying, going outside of Zuccotti; you have to say whatever comes up. Andrea— apprehension— can it be coopted to be too comfortable?
Erin – likes rhizomatic idea— shitting necessary; others times, reaching out and making it a hug. We can use both. It’s not one or the other. There can be shitters or huggers … Move to proposal— Brown bag, occupy lunch on the High Line.
Ideas— Occupy Your Lunch Hour – or “Calling all artists, Occupy Your Lunch Hour” etc.
Dan – seconds everything; loves Occupy Lunch; addressing too benignness of High Line – point of contestation— how much control employers have over your time; no need to poop on High Line; etc. His fantasy has to do with Marx— a level of potential energy reached. Wanking away … would like Occupy Lunch to become a continuous thing, some kind of potential energy reached; pulling bullshit on Diller & Scofidio; Chelsea an area of symbolic … Blake— it’s Diller, Scofido & RENFRO, the gay guy. Would love some gallery collectivized – Gagosian, they kick Larry out.
Annie – Wants to get to concrete plan re— lunch. We need to be capability of inviting disagreement— so if people think Occupy Lunch is soft. We need to be able to get people to do something. We aren’t going to be able to get people to do things. What if people get radicalized and want to go somewhere?
Blythe – outreach – with OWS – people are talking about getting it out; Zuccoti important, but now we’re all thinking of after Zuccotti
Arlen – would still argue for 2 sets of occupation; interrogating the masculinist/SI leanings; express a weird solidarity with another demographic, like the LES; two sites, one surprising to the art world; Cheyney’s friendly amendment— logistics … should be the after-work meet-up, march down to Zuccotti. Yates— that could be done with one image … one text; doesn’t have to be elaborate.
Annie – what do we need before next Tuesday?
Cheyney – Arts & Labor is going to organize around lunch and dinner
Nicole – will start an outreach thread online

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