Archives Meeting Minutes – 1/2/12

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Agenda items (with more info below)

1. SIS

2. Spokes–does Archives want to try  again to be a spoke?

3. Tamiment (esp in the wake of more immediate questions about SIS)

4. Budget needs to happen immediately, terms/process of funding might soon change

5. If it’s got food on it, it’s got to be photographed and go (for the safety of the rest of the collection)

1 the future of SIS is again in question.  comfort has been removed.  While the archives are still physically there for now, they need to move asap.  It goes back and forth about the urgency of the move and there is concern that someone outside of Archives will end up moving the collection and about the safety of the materials.  There’s paper in black garbage bags and it’d be reasonable for the collection to look like trash if it is out of context!

2. Archives’ potential for getting a place on Spokes–is this something of interest?

3.  Tamiment

Notes on Tamiment:

After our last meeting, Anna meet with Chela Scott Weber at Tamiment and got some helpful information regarding questions that came up in our last working group meeting that could be helpful as we discuss the option of moving forward with Tamiment.

We are invited to visit Tamiment for a tour and discussion about Occupiers’ involvement with the collection after a transfer of the collection to the Tamiment via a collection donor agreement.

There is a standard donor agreement though the terms are adjustable to some extent.  This does require the involvement of legal counsel.  Given the recent arrests, we might especially need to do our homework before going to legal.

% accesssioned
It turns out that it is typical for the Tamiment to keep 25-50% of the collection that comes in and we could take back what they do not accession (must be removed within a set amount of time).

Ongoing involvement by Occupiers
Occupiers can continue to be actively involved in processing the collection with the mentorship of Tamiment staff.   Extremely clear communication about expectations of the mutually respectful collaboration is key to the future of the work of Occupiers and Tamiment.

4. Budget

supplies needed include boxes, laptop, scanner, recording devices, and external hard drives

5. Food stains

Anything that has food on it (e.g. pizza grease) is a huge pest (bug, mouse, etc) hazard and endangers the entire collection.  At our earliest opportunity I would suggest photographing and getting rid of anything with food on it.  If people want to keep things with food on it, that stuff must at least be isolated immediately.

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