Architecture group mandate, as articulated by Town Planning

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OWS/NYC currently has a core team of architects and designers working on a
sheltering system to take the occupation through the fall and winter. This is a
comprehensive system that accounts for weatherizing, safety, working groups,
expansion, and vital movement functions. The current sub projects are sleeping
areas, cafe and social spaces, kitchen, library, media, comfort, and medical. These
designs will be open source and could be made available for the movement to use and
adapt. Our current timeline is three weeks to have a final design proposal to be
presented at the GA. Prior to this our aim is to determine budgeting, initial design, and fine
tuning/presentation. We are now in the budgeting phase and need funding for
prototyping and sourcing sustainable materials. Our legal team is exploring the
framing of the erection of temporary structures as an expression of our first
amendment right. Another project in development is acquiring a campusstyle home
base for working groups and education on land we own.

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