April 5, 2013-Assemblies Notes-John ‘Jack’ Reed May Day Assembly- City Wide Occupy-May Day Strategic Planning/Outreach Coordination and Community Assembly

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April 5, 2013

60 Wall Street 6:30pm

John ‘Jack’ Reed May Day Assembly- City Wide Occupy-May Day Strategic Planning/Outreach Coordination  and Community Assembly

Facilitator-Note Taker- Sumumba

Introductions/ House- keeping/Collection-What is Occu-Evolve? Brief overview and (Handout for Newcomers)

Teach In on-John ‘Jack’ Reed


34.00$-30.00 METROCARD -4.00$-FOOD

Discussion/Strategic Planning–, Planning for MAY DAY, OE-S.I. Walk for Democracy April 6, 2013 Upcoming Meetings/Actions.  **Group spent most of the meeting on the 10 Point Declaration of Interdependence with the 99%** Changes are below:


1. In this second year of Occupation we declare our interdependence with the 99% because we are part and parcel of the 99%.

2. We do not run from the title of Occupier or Occupy Wall Street because, being out on the streets listening as we outreach, we know very well that the people still respect us, even look up to us (because the issues that brought OWS to life are still present) but wonder where we are and why aren’t we articulating their needs. We also seek to re-unite the various dispersed participants and working groups of OWS into a powerful and effective mass movement.

3. Although under this system most of the 99%are oppressed, we are not equally oppressed. Some of our ancestors were enslaved for over 400 years, and/or had this land stolen through forced treaties, genocide, slavery, war and disease by Europeans. This does not require special privileges, special names, nor anyone’s patronage but to be treated justly. And while we insist on solidarity, we also want structures, literature and culture that take into account non-European cultures and civilizations.

4. Anti-racist/oppression rhetoric must be accompanied by outreach to and actions in support of people of color and respect for the diversity of our cultures and our beliefs.

5. We are here to fight the power that dis-empowers the 99%, especially the working class and   people of color, who are  the majority population in New York City and almost always come from the working class.

6. From this day we unite with the 99% and will outreach, listen and seek to win people to our cause. We will do this not by interacting with them from where ‘WE’ are but where THEY are, both physically and politically.

7. From this day we seek to no longer be a fringe(trapped in a rigid or insular worldview and ideology) but to become a mass movement seeking real change for the majority, and we commit to a prolonged struggle of outreach, engagement and actions in support of the demands of the 99%, not only one day actions or symbolic victories.

8. We reject radically dysfunctional & unsustainable structures that claim‘all-inclusiveness’ and promote excessive autonomy, but in reality only inhibit unity, decision making and action. We realize that the only victories we will ever experience are in fighting for the legitimate demands of the 99% in a process with agreed upon visions/goals/values, consensual democracy and a firm but flexible community and movement building agreement that insures fair and democratic input which enables participation by a wide range of people.

9. We are fighting for the freedom and empowerment of all women and men, children and elders and participate in the struggles of all people that seek to replace structures, institutions and policies that have never benefited them.

10. We seek to occupy Wall Street (and all streets) until the people are fully in power and not the corporations or the 1% that run them and control our economy, our government and our lives!



Open Discussion-Bill to facilitate Open Discussion-Stack Ali-the majority of meeting and conversation focused on declaration

Close Meeting

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