April 20, 2012 Meeting (Notes)

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April 20, 2012 Meeting (Notes italicized)



I. Review last week’s notes-Sumumba

II. Letter writing campaign-Group discussed writing a letter of ‘Thanks’ to the donors of OWS, Steve said said he’d send google group form letter to start campaign. Discussion was also about people sending us money and status of Accounting. To send this letter it needs to be covered in a proposal and consensed by group.

III. Ego Discussion-Sumumba-discussion tabled until next meeting. Values based consensus (handouts)-Jack Rabbit led this discussion and members of a new group called the 99 participated in further open discussion around consensus, and outreach to the 99%, also Jason Harris also offered a space for us to hold large meeting in the next few weeks. (Note: various members participated in open discussion about various topics at this point).

VI. Tabling/Outreach/Banner Discussion-Tabling not discussed, Outreach discussed in terms of members visiting other GA’s in city as well as participating in upcoming actions. Dallas’s logo will be made into banner.

V.A#21-HARLEM RALLY AND MARCH AGAINST RACIST KILLINGS-Occupy Harlem-brief discussion individual members said they would attend.

#A 22-Earth Day- made announcement, passed out fliers.

#A25- Police Hearing -Occupy Red Hook-Discussed Gerald and a few others said they may attend.

#A25-Healing the wounds of Racism-Occupy Sunset Park-made announcement

#M1-May Day-Sunset Park/Red Hook/OWS- May1, 2012-Sumumba discussed May Day events happening in Sunset Park and Red Hook

V. Point Person discussion-group discussed needs and capacity issue, no roles were assigned

VI. Leisure Caucus discussion-brief discussion-no resolutions tabled

VII. Closing thoughts (Open Discussion) –Group decided to that the**NEXT MEETING**will occur at 60 Wall Street to be closer to the Occupiers, and because other members of OCCU-EVOLVE attend the  Political Action and Impact meeting tthat ends just before the OCCU-EVOLVE meeting.

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