April 13, 2012 -OCCU-EVOLVE meeting -OVERVIEW/NOTES-

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Below is the agenda and items we covered..I’m NOT gonna pretend these are notes and minutes, but I will say they provide a BROAD overview of meeting…i NOW have a computer and can do minutes at next meeting however…and will post agenda for tomorrow’s meeting sometime later tonite. On to OCCUPY RED HOOK now!


April 13, 2012
60 Wall Street
20 people attended

I.    Shared Values Statement (Proposal)-Group Discussion

OCCU-ETHICS  AND  SHARED VALUES ( PROPOSAL)-Consensed on (edits included)

1. Revolutionary CIVILITY- When engaging others we strive to be highly civil,  listening  more than we talk, and saying ‘THANK YOU’ rather than EXPECT or wait for others to do so.

2. We strive for doing ‘What’s ‘RIGHT’ versus being or Insisting on getting the last word to ‘be’ Right.

3. With an eye toward movement building we strive to use Less ‘I and ME’ statements and more ‘WE’

4. “We strive to nurture and build.  We strive for understanding, forgiving heart, and to be those who look for the best in people, leaving them better than you found them.”

5. We strive to be MORE proactive than RE-active, Always striving to be positive in word and thought.

6. We strive for non-violence and peace among ourselves and everyone else.

7. We strive to Temper and contain our Ego always seeking balance, justice, knowledge, love and truth, as these are things we wish to see and create in our world.

8.  We strive to be constructive (not destructive) in our criticism while offering self-criticisms in the process!

9. We strive to be mindful our language so that it doesn’t marginalize or intimidate anyone and to promote a healthy , safe and open space for all.

10. We strive to be more patient and gentle with one another to foster not only more compassion but understanding.


**I would hope that in becoming part of this movement we are seeking no only economic justice, freedom and to create a NEW world, but also to become better men and women in the process!*

Overview comments from meeting  italicized

II. Ego Discussion-Sumumba-postponed till next meeting

III. List of Reforms/ Sean Krause (Hand Out and Discussion)-discussed most of the FIRST sections of those reforms, will continue discussion online and at upcoming meetings

IV. Upcoming Actions/Outreach-Group Discussion/Tabling-Banners-brief discussion, no resolutions,

#A14 Spring Awakening (April 14, 2012)-Needed a blanket for materials at event, Jessica brought one, but limited OCCU-EVOLVE activity-two people signed sign up sheet.

#A17 Tax Day April 17, 2012-Political Action, Money out of Politics-Fliers and signs made for event, need reportback on turn ou, but Poltical Action and other WG’s were there

A#21-HARLEM RALLY AND MARCH AGAINST RACIST KILLINGS-Occupy Harlem-brief discussion, need canvassers to hand out fliers for Saturday’s event

#A 22-Earth Day-announcement

#A25- Police Hearing -Occupy Red Hookhappens April 25, 2012, will get more information @GA April 18, 2012

#A25-Healing the wounds of Racism-Occupy Sunset Park-Made announcement of event

#M1-May Day-Sunset Park/Red Hook/OWS- May1, 2012-Sumumba working with both GA’s to do community-based May Day activities


V. Point Person discussion-brief discussion, Robert and Gerald volunteered to cover Bushwick and Red Hook GA’s


VI. Leisure Caucus discussion-Brief discussion…Sean M not in attendence so upon return he may be the point person on this one! :)


VII. Closing thoughts (Open Discussion) –Logo-Dallas-Dallas showed example of logo, will rework it so we can fit into buttons and banners..




under Gandhi Statue…

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