April 12, 2013 Assembly Notes

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April 12, 2013

60 Wall Street 6:30pm

*Caesar Chavez-  City Wide Occupy-May Day Strategic Planning/Outreach Coordination  and Community Assembly

Facilitator-Note Taker Sumumba

Introductions/ House- keeping/Collection-What is Occu-Evolve? Brief overview and (Handout for Newcomers)

Teach In on-Caesar Chavez-Sumumba did brief teach in on, and quotes from Cesar Chavez

Discussion/Strategic Planning–, Planning for MAY DAY,

Reportbacks-3 minute max for each item –Lakota Reportback-Sumumba, Stop and Frisk-Ale, Labor,Walk for Democracy April 6, 2013-Bill , Occupy East Flatbush-Carlos. Other reportbacks (2 minute limit/no back and forth)

Open Discussion-Bill to facilitate Open Discussion-Stack Ali Question and answer about reportbacks can happen here. Discussion centered on May Day and the difficulties of working with other Occupy and Occupy affiliated groups

Groups consented on solidarity with Fourth of May Movement International Day of Action against Austerity with a action planned for May 4th . Group also consented on showing Bill’s Sandy March for Justice and Democracy as a featured pre-May Day action.


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