Announcing: Training Day at Pace University for Occupy Wall Street

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The New York City General Assembly has agreed to support the proposal from Tech Ops and the Communications Cluster (groups active as part of OWS) for day devoted to skills based workshops.

WHEN: Sunday, December 18, from 9am to 7pm.
WHERE: Pace University, right across from City Hall, a short walk from Zuccotti Park.
WHAT: Approximately 40 trainings and workshops organized by officially constitute working groups engaging in supporting the #Occupy movement.
WHY: Because many groups have expressed a need for space for training their own members and those actve in other groups. Current space available are important, and useful – but not a substitute for large scale training, indoors, with full A/V equipment.
HOW: Not sure yet. Tech Ops encourages representatives from other operations groups (medical, facilitation, direct action, outreach, housing) to contact us so that the scheduling of this day can proceed according to movement principles.

CONTACT: to be involved. Tech Ops meets on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 6pm in the Atrium at 60 Wall St. You can usually find one of us there.



Q: Who can reserve this space for training?
A: We expect many more requests for training space that we are able to provide. A portion of the day will follow ‘unconference’ rules, meaning that those present in the morning can vote for sessions they would like to attend.
That said, the primary intention is for actual training, and not the elaboration of ideas. Good examples of training include: video editing, managing your groups presence on, using CiviCRM to manage your group’s data and email lists, constructing new freedom towers, how to facilitate, nonviolent direct action tactics, first aid, legal training in first amendment rights, anti-oppression training, and anything related to understanding the mess Wall Street has made of our economy.
Bad examples of training include: supporting your groups’ political ideas, imagining a utopian world, screening a film, private meetings, solving the problems of individuals, along with anything messy or that involves lots of supplies. (Sorry T shirt silk screeners! We still love you!)

Q: What is the process for deciding which workshops will get space?
A: Not sure yet. But preference will be given to requests that come from a group and that were voted on by gatherings of ten or more people. Preference will be given to trainings that address needs of the occupation, as opposed to social and political issues of the day.

Q: What kind of space exists?
A: We have, roughly, ten classrooms. Most hold 40, but a few can accommodate over 100. There are possibilities for special requests for very large trainings of 200+. All of these spaces have wifi, screens, projectors, audio, chairs, tables and computers for presentations. We also have some computer lab time.

Q: Who can attend?
A: This event will be open to all. Depending on how fundraising proceeds, all or most of the attendees will have free access. Our goal is free access for those doing actual work within occupy working groups that have a demonstrated track record, while charging a small fee for others, especially supporters who can afford it. One of our major constraints has to do with food. We’d like to offer free meals and refreshments to all attendees; we might not succeed.
Note: Everyone who attends must register and wear a name badge at all time. This is a condition of the university. There will be online registration and same day registration. Venue can hold at least 500 people at a time. Guests from other occupations are encouraged to attend and propose sessions.

Q: How is this organized? What’s the background?
A New York based collective of trainings in online organizing had previously schedule a two day event called Netroots New York to take place at this venue. Hearing that there was a serious need for training space, Organizing 2.0 offered to transfer most of their reserved space for the use of Occupy Wall Street, contingent on funding for the venue costs.
Attendees of Netroots New York will be present during the Training Day, holding sessions of their own. Attendees of either event are free to attend each other’s workshops. It will be clear which is which. More information about Netroots New York is available at

Q: Where can I learn more or get involved?
A: Email As soon as our website is up with a process for submitting training proposals and registering for the day, we’ll inform the broader OWS community via email, social media, leaflets and announcements at the Spokescouncils.

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