Amendment Proposal Template

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Just to clarify, the “Jobs for All” demand is open to amendments. We will be discussing, drafting, and submitting other demands after we submit this one (with possible amendments) to the NYCGA. Using the following format would help us to efficiently address amendments:

Please include the following: 

FOCUS GROUP: i.e. “OWS People of Color Caucus,” or “United Federation of Teachers”

SECTION: the line/section of the original “Jobs for All” demand your group would like to edit

REVISION: specify “STRIKE,” “ADD,” or “EDIT,” including specific language where needed

One Response to “Amendment Proposal Template”

  1. Chris

    I do like the “Jobs for All” demand. I think on principle it is a strong approach. My only question is, if this demand is accepted, how can it actually be implemented?