Ahmed Hossain Gets Stay of Deportation! OWS win!

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Victory for Ahmed Hossain!

Occupy Wall Street Helps Stop Deportation, Vows to Continue the Fight

New York, NY – Just days before his scheduled deportation to Bangladesh, Queens resident Ahmed Hossain won a one-year stay thanks to the support of the Bangladeshi-American Community Council and Occupy Wall Street, a huge coup for the immigrant rights community. “This isn’t just a victory for me,” declared Ahmed. “It’s a victory for all of us who want justice.”

Immigration authorities made the decision after coming under increasing pressure from community groups, activists and elected officials. Ahmed received letters of support from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Representatives Joseph Crowley and Gregory Meeks, and a number of state and local officials. Supporters from Occupy Wall Street’s Immigrant Worker Justice and Direct Action Working Groups, in solidarity with the Bangladeshi-American Community Council, had also planned a massive march on the day he was set to be deported to Bangladesh.

Ahmed’s case garnered increasing attention from the media, legislators, and the public as the heartbreaking details of his case emerged. Ahmed — a devoted father and husband of two, a leader among taxi drivers, and an actor and director with no criminal record — represents the very class of immigrants the Obama administration pledged not to deport under its August 2011 policy. Even more troubling, ICE’s case for deporting Ahmed was based entirely on mistakes made by a previous immigration attorney and administrative errors by ICE itself.

“Ahmed’s victory is testament to the power of a collective campaign to mobilize action,” said Donald Anthonyson of the Immigrant Worker Justice Working Group (IWJWG) and Families for Freedom, a multi-ethnic community group organizing immigrants facing deportation. Indeed, Ahmed’s is among the many inspiring victories for the 99% brought about by Occupy Wall Street. “We’re putting ICE on notice,” said Danny Katch of the IWJWG. Occupy Wall Street is camped out only ten blocks from their office at 26 Federal Plaza. “We are not going to stand idly by while they break up families and shatter the dreams of our immigrant brothers and sisters in the 99%.”

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The Immigrant Worker Justice Working Group of Occupy Wall Street meets Tuesday nights at 6:30. For more information, contact Nastaran Mohit, (914)557-6408, and check out www.nycga.net/groups/immigrant-worker-justice.

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