Agenda for Saturday Nov 5 meeting – Feel free to add to this in the comments

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We will be presenting the projects we have been developing for Zuccotti Park, including.

– 10-12 person Occupancy

– 1-2 person Occupancy

– Media desk

– Library

– Cafe/social area

– Others, including possibly General Assembly shelter/acoustics

Determining which groups to invite for Tuesday meeting/presentation (Town Planning, Sustainability, Finance, etc) and how to reach out to them.

Assessing interest in developing theory/research/political output from Architecture OWS.  Possibility of additional weekly meeting with overlap from other working groups (Think Tank, Sustainability, People of Color, others)

Also – Dan Wood and Amale Andraos of WORC AC have an interest in what we are doing and might join us tomorrow for our presentations.

And notes from Town Planning:

Things are speeding up at the camps. Several large capacity tents are
coming in today, and we need the subgroups working with specific areas to
reach out to them directly as soon as possible.
Here are some contacts:

Medical - hose 

Media - Faith 

Kitchen - amy 
(phone numbers stricken, available for those working on these projects)

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