Ad-Hoc Org Meeting 12/29

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Ad-Hoc Organization Meeting called on 12/29/11, to discuss using petty cash to support SIS move tomorrowFacilitator: Ravi

Attendees: Steven, Fix, Megan, Ravi, Christine

Ravi: Reportback- tomorrow, we will be working on helping SIS move comfort from 52 Broadway to a new location. We are bottom lining this effort at the request of SIS. We have many volunteers from different parts of the occupation helping us. It would be really nice of us to feed them. If we’re not planning to use tomorrow’s petty cash for anything, can we use it to feed these folks? Since this is tomorrow, we dont have the option of going to a kitchen meeting and asking them.

One agenda item: Can we use our petty cash to feed volunteers helping us tomorrow?
Ravi: Can I get a temperature check?(consensus)

Ravi: Thanks everybody, meeting is adjourned.

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