A+C Meeting Minutes

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10/28/11 minutes

Noelle facilitates, Claire taking minutes, Amy on stack

present: Noelle, Julia, Amy, Christine, Zach, James, Claire, Lila, Adam, Imani

Annoucements/ Report Backs

James- Occupy Museums was AWESOME! Cops tried to get us in the pen, we put him on the people’s mic, had a great meeting. Marched to Sotheby’s and stood with the locked out teamsters.

Christine- Nov 2nd and the 6th or the 8th Sotheby’s is having a big auction and there will be picketing

James- We’re being invited into a Chelsea gallery at a 50% profit by Michael

temp check?

Zach- to many ifs to get a temp check

Noelle- Outreach is saying to all working groups- if you want to make contact with outside groups (orgs) contact outreach for transparency’s sake

Imani- yesterday $100 went to Occupennial, finance has no form, bring them receipt. Can someone reach out to Paul and Yaelle to get receipt? This goes for all $100 funding proposals

-two artists want to donate their work to us. We need to have a larger conversation and make a contract so all terms are clear- legal says we should draft if and run it by them- this is a time sensitive issue. She will make a doodle poll to get a meeting set to make a decision about the contract

Julia- Occupy Halloween is meeting tomorrow at 1pm at 60 Wall St.

Noelle- what is our stance on ownership/copyright?

Zach- no policy

James- archives group is also taking in artwork

Claire-maybe they have a policy/contract already?

Noelle- make sure we check with archives before meeting


Christine- here for Clark Stokely who drives the Wiki truck, wants a stipend from A&C

James- fill out proposal form online and bring it back to the group with details

Noelle- can we pass this?

Imani- we have a finance committee, Danielle needs proposals to get funds, we need 2 copies

Adam- Occupy Day of the Dead (Nov 1st) is A&C the best place to ask about arts actions?


Zach- you should post and pitch for participants we should think about how to retain interested people

Adam- arts space?

Zach- not really

Adam- active projects list on the website…

Zach- prime real estate not for storage but could give us a space in the park

Imani- there is an internet task force trying to expand our ability to move more tabs

Zach-another solution is to have Occupennial site since we have more control over it

Adam- any contact for Day of the Dead

Adam- 718-218-4523 adam@tradejustice.net

SERIOUS ISSUE- Jordan from Performance Guild called during the meeting to report back about abusive behavior in the plaza by a man who abusively screamed at her relentlessly while the guild was performing a monologue from “Network”, Claire explains the incident

Claire- how can we ask people to join our group when they’re not respected?

Imani- there is a larger issue for mediation in this group

Zach- having out own space in the park will end some of that. We will be able to support performers. The other thing is there is a much higher percentage of mental issues in the park.

Christine- it’s cold and high tension down there

Noelle- there is a level of empathy we need to touch base with. If you approach a community for their needs there’s less backlash. Can we announce ourselves better serving the movement?

Claire- The guild members are part of the movement we cannot say what text is appropriate for the plaza, this was a great text that does speak directly to the movement.

Imani- Zach, you were there on Tues. James reported we established a space and it was torn up. We need a space in the city open to the public.

Claire- how do we deal with communication breakdowns? The loudest people control the dialogue. As a community we need mediation.

Zach- it’s not mediation, we should keep on doing it

Noelle- 12-2pm Non-violent communication, deescalation meets

Adam- anti-oppression training should be a part of community

Imani- we should bring this to the GA

Claire-lets get a group together

Imani- we can reach out to deescalation, legal, security to work informally and bring group to the GA

Noelle- sounds like we have a proposal, Claire will start a thread

Adam- we need a series of anti-oppression trainings. Food WG needs that too based on what they’ve been saying about homeless

Imani- if we can’t fix among ourselves, what are we doing?

Here minutes can be posted from each meeting held. It will provide ONE location for people to reference.

10-27-11 Arts & Culture meeting minutes

Late start – ~6:50

Facilitator – Alphonzo, Ehud

Minutes – Ben

Stack – Ehud


Imani – Helps a lot with A&C

Heather – Was working with outreach, wants to work on artistic journal

Rose – Helping with heather – collages, mixed media

Renae – Music guild co-organizer

Bryan – Writer, performance artist

Johnny – Fashion designer, artGAllerist

Vladimir – Visual artist, mobile app dev

Gilbert – From Pennsylvania & brazil, pianist, does concerts

Ben – Videogame collective co-organizer, helps with A&C site/structural issues

Gregory – Organizing recording project with OWS& established musicians for cd, pianist

Joule – Classical vocalist, works with Sounding Circles, has a bimonthly radio show

Matt – Plays bass, travels with banjo, guerilla concerts

Embi  – From Colorado, musician, singer, guerilla concerts

Eli – Banjo player, singer, concert promoter, Brooklyn folk festival & wash sq park folk festival, interested in putting on concerts/events

Jared – Visual artist, works for grant-giving institution that awards artists working outsideGAllery system

Ehud – Co-facilitating/stack taker, dance artist, work & lives in Berlin, came for OWS week ago

Alphonzo – Music guild, Occupy Records

Katie – working on an arts project

Ask who’s new – lots of first timers to A&C

Alphonzo- Explains the hand signals

Step up, step back – self check so nobody dominates the conversation

Basic meeting structure:

–          Start with announcements & report backs from groups, projects in progress

–          Agenda – specific items open for dialog, things that affect entire group

–          Proposals – share an idea, share proposals that have been vetted in guilds/collectives

–          Proposals for funding

Taking stack for report backs & announcements

Renae – Music guild meets weekly on Monday and Thursday at 5, also Saturday at 9 pm – will meet at the atrium at 60 Wall St then go somewhere else since the atrium closes at 10 (meeting solution for now) for the next 2 weeks – meet every day here. Music guild has a freeze on all music items that have to be proposed/consensed upon for the moment, the guild needs to develop a mission statement, co-optation statement, etc. These docs should be coming out rapidly, Also there’s an upcoming concert on Nov 4, a Stravinsky concert in Zuccotti park featuring a well-known conductor and 7 well-known string players, 3 broadway performers, totally free. Time = tbd (probably 430 or 5).

Ben – The videogame collective has a site up – www.occupygames.org

Johnny – Report back from the finance committee on A&C – there’s a meeting early next week, was scheduled for Monday but might be moved to Tuesday, to flesh out policies about finances in A&C. Will bring back meeting results to A&C Tuesday night to look over. There is a living doc on nycga.net of the status of the doc. It can’t be group edited, so we’ll complete it in next week’s meeting and bring it back Tuesday for discuss, then talk about opening it up for edits. Reason for the doc – occupy Halloween got money, but the contact person who got the $ is missing. Also, finance committee co-org Danielle Kohn has gone through a background check  -will need to take into account as finance A&C policies are formed

Alphonzo – Challenges in building the music guild for musicians/artists, have www.occupyrecords.org came out Saturday, currently in beta for people to try. Site is a community/social network where people share ideas. Having a meeting at 5pm on Saturday about it, then will unite with music guild.


From the google group –

–          Are we as a group going to accept donations of art as a group, and how will we related to greater artist community? (reaction to 2 specific works of artists willing to donate art to the group)

–          Evaluating the new nycGAsite for communication/organization

–          Offsite storage & our own space; displaying art

–          Blanked statement about artwork being defaced by artists not a part of OWS A&C

–          Mark di Suvero’s sculpture (red thing) now behind barricades

–          Occupennial – proposal for funds to update the site (consensed on it, but procedural issue)


–          NewGAsite

Ben – who has/hasn’t used the site, what else do we need?

Alphonzo – give ~6 minutes per agenda point

Renae – during music guild meeting, discussed ideas for music forum, will create form for newcomers to catalog skills & interests, some way to coordinate interest & across other guilds

Imani – Search bar would be awesome, need a place to host images, main concern about site – it’s kind of rigid, every group will have unique needs, A&C has constant press, need for images/video – all this could be solved if there was a way to display occupennia, a link needs to be visible. Next to the about us logo – the “about us” info is in a really small space, a separate “about us” tab would help

Jared – if there’s a way to consolidate the updates – every single edit appears in activity bar, blocks stuff out

Johnny – to encourage people to use the site more, try to emulate Facebook with features that allow more individual communication – chatting, personal photo albums, foofy stuff but will help entice people away from fb. If we have our own site, we can’t dig into fb’s users/network. #occupyfacebook maybe. Any way to overlay FB & nycga

–          Agenda item: Occupennial funding proposal

Johnny – Occupennial is an affiliated project with A&C members to document OWS’ effect on arts & NY & nationwide, a clearinghouse for OWSart news. They requested $200 for a plugin for the website, A&C was going to use daily $100 allotment over 2 days to pay for it. A&C consensed,GAapproved, but lack of continuity on occupennial’s part to attend meetings & get $ is causing a problem. Also the finance committee is working processes out. Method was to retroactively used 2 days of $100 funding, finance committee changed process to have $ collection be deadline-based. Now they must go to finance, go back through process, apply, get consensus again within 24 hours. Not an emergency, they bought plugin with own $, just need to reimburse. Maybe need to get patient to not need reimbursement

Stack for solutions to this issue-

Imani – just need someone there by 4 on funding day, bring it up duringGA. Just need 1 person to present funding form to funding committee

Renae – what days & what qualifications does someone need to get the $?

Johnny – turn proposal in by 4pm of the day it will be voted on in GA, or if below $100, by the day the working group votes on it

Imani – can’t we use $100 day allotment?

Imani and Matt will go.

Johnny – needs someone to get money tomorrow before 4 or else we lose it

Renae – available to pick it up

Alphonzo – after this issue, there’ll be a proposal to put it forward –group  consenses, $100 for the day will go towards it

–          Agenda item: Art donations

Imani: have 2 artists want to donate art. First issue is consenting to accepting donations, can store at 52 broadway. 2nd – feelings on auctioning/selling work, not necessary for hits conversation. Larger conversation about getting space or lightweight mobile walls to exhibit on/do mini art show. Show images of work, getting general feeling of donations.

Take stack

Renae – is there some kind of way to draft donation guidelines for the web about what kinds of donations we take, background on where they’re coming from

Imani – that’s what the occupennial $ upgrade will do, will be a big proposal form for donations etc. Doesn’t know the details though

Renae – Imani is right. Should we have anything documented for now?

Alphonzo – Keep conversation to these specific donations

Renae – 1 other relevant thing – the music guild was given an equipment, don’t know how to handle

Jared – will we be voting on every piece submitted to us? Soliciting donations? If so, what is our plan?

Ben – thinks accepting donations is good overall

Johnny – waited at Brooklyn gallery for people to come pick up art they gave who didn’t show, wary of people willing to give. Would need to set ourselves up to have storage capacity & contractually so they view it as a true donation and don’t come back and get it. Want to ensure the 2 donations up for possible, want to make sure they’re true donations. Will need to do policy building to avoid logistical nightmare.

Ehud – want to state a concern, his first time here, says group is going towards working as an institution. Wary of politics, falling into the game of following the market. Current donations seen as valuable/treasures – “how can the rules of the market be broken through these art works?”

Imani – larger issue of whether we want our own space to display

Renae – music guild has been contacted a lot to people contributing songs, same ethical concerns. Equipment issue

Ben – maybe think of ideas we could set up that are in contrast to conventional institutions, like art can only be donated for limited periods of time before A&C re-donates it out again

Imani – all good points, in order to work on all these, still need to work on all the statements – values, goals, principles, co-opt – all these issues need to be fed into statement. Not sure if the idea of giving stuff away, like idea of having a collection. Maybe say the work donated to us is communal property. Don’t think we should restrict the conversation just yet before accepting the work, think we can work on this stuff as move forward

Renae – same concerns about occupy museums, challenging art institutions. A&C decided to have every other day schedule, 1 day business updates & proposes, next day cultural discussion, good time to flesh out these ideas. Same thing with occupy the airwaves

Alphonzo – time limit, want to simplify and offer consensus to accept these 2 specific works

Imani – Joel Richards’ (sp?) sculpture is 3×5, posters are jpegs and can be printed. First piece is already at 52 broadway, posters can be stored

Renae – forgot about friendly amendments – can we include to accept along with these donations the amplifier that was given to music? Can that be added as a friendly amendment?

Alphonzo – the initial discussion was just about these 2 pieces. Temp check – people want to keep ikt separate

Imani – can that be a separate issue, doesn’t require larger deliberation

Johnny – if do the friendly amendment, deliberate later – if now, just for these 2 donations just make very certain they’re unconditional donations

Ehud – there is a chance the way their art will be used will be totally different. They need to know about it beforehand

Imani – The poster artist is going back to china, both artists willing to give the work to OWS. Proposes we should draft an agreement asking for total & unconditional donation to the movement

Ben – we can work with legal to get the agreement up

Alphonzo – up for consensus right now is to accept artist donations on condition that an agreement will be worked out quickly

Jonny – blocks, feels needs to block accepting them. If we really want to go ahead with this, need to do work outside in breakout groups

Imani – would like to propose deadlines on documents. Imani will go down to legal tonight to start conversation, proposes breakout group on Saturday. Will post thread on the forum about the issue to start debate immediately as a courtesy to the artist from China. Will move conversation to website

Reane – can add to agenda to discussion tomorrow night to extend conversation

Imani – extend conversation until Saturday to continue thread on forum. The Architecture guild in A&C uses doodle polls to find out ideal meeting times, with aim to move to a voteon sat

–          Agenda item: Statement of non-co-optation

Johnny – have been drafting statement of non-co-optation in initial response to commercial activities. Have living document on nycga site so far. Now dealing with non-commercial co-optation attempts. Autonomous protest art actions, occupy 38. Should we add something to the commercial co-optation to non-cooptation? Do we need individual statements, or can we refer people to a general statement?

Imani – not separate statements, but a blanket 2-line statement that addresses all it


Gregory – whatever the conclusion is, the statement should not discourage a sense of humor and anarchy, etc, that the movement relies on, need to maintain sense of outrage etc, not be too institutional

Renae – the current draft goes along with what Gregory was saying to keep passion in

Imani – agree, don’t think we can/should discourage autonomous actions, issue is for the ‘voice of the movement’ – occupy 38 wasn’t so much the problem, was that people were misconstruing that it was an A&C endorsed action that caused people to be wary to support us.

Ehud – in his experience of coming here and looking for the A&C group at the park, was directed to people making signs. Maybe A&C group needs to have more presence, what are the values of it? What is it? Make it more visible

Vladimir – violent threats were made?

Imani – Explains overview of occupy 38 action

Alphonzo – bringing back to focus

Johnny – question is what should we do when this happens? We consensed that we would issue a statement to the press that the action didn’t come from us and we don’t endorse violent tactics. Issue is what to do/how to respond to controversial autonomous actions.

Alphonzo – 2 parts- first is addressing everything specifically, or having 1 blanket statement. Consensus for adding to the existing cooptation statement instead of having specific statements for every occurrence.

Ehud – it’s dangerous to think A&C represents wall st. wants to point out as to not own OWS, putting things in perspective

Alphonzo – core issue is that when other groups violate OWS principles, what is our course of action? Temp check was to amend commercial non co-opt statement

Renae – doing a separate one doesn’t make sense, now is the time to put that language into it, make it clear and concise. Temp check – consensus agrees

Alphonzo – should put this on the proposal for tomorrow night

Imani – friendly amendment – set deadlines. While drafting it, do we want to respond to the woman with a ‘no,’ and how long do we want to give ourselves to draft it so it’s ready for release? Suggests a week

Consensus reached on saying a brief ‘no ‘ response, then consensus reached on coming back next Thursday with a draft

Imani – can we say that we’re drafting it/it’s in progress & be civil? consensus says yes

Special guest: Adash  from structure working group – going to propose revisedGA/structure model on next Wednesday after other proposals & revisions. Being proposed tomorrow night, would love to see working group representatives. Have handout of proposal for review

–short break–

–          Agenda item: Reaching out to artist of the red sculpture behind barricades in the park

Imani-* reads the current letter to the artist* the statement hasn’t been workshopped too much, want to send it out to artist & press.


Alphonzo – temp check on sending letter?

Ben- clarifying question- send the letter as is or revise it?

Jared- maybe give mark (the sculptor) some more time before we reach out to the press

Gregory – volunteers to copy edit

Johnny- wants to work on the tone so it isn’t less formal

Bryan- asking the artist to make a statement, does he have any control?

Katie – suggests adding ‘thank you’ instead of ‘sincerely’

Imani – is going to put it on google doc on the forums, thinks should workshop it a bit, likes deadlines. Press point- thinks it’d be weird to send it to him first then press later, how much time is enough?

Renae- might be dumb, would it be helpful to condense letter to refer to overall OWS statements?

Temperature check – majority does not think so

Gregory- let’s use the name of the sculpture to refer back to ows – Joie de Vivre

Bryan – heard the artist was kept out of art opening for it, so he may not have control, but a public statement could still be good

Ben – we should send him photos of people taking part in OWS with the sculpture in the background, interacting, etc to drive the relationship between sculpture/OWS home

Renae – emphasize that police are keeping barricade up

katie– emphasizing artist’s influence and what it would mean for the artist himself to make a statement and what kind of power it would have

Gregory- interpretation of it is people’s power being smashed by corporate power

Renae – ties in to him coming back and doing a teach-in

Imani- sculpture should be reclaimed. Want to get statement out in a week, will post on forum, come back next week’s meeting and finalize it

Johnny – incorporate doodle into this maybe for voting

–          Agenda item: Off-site storage/art display

Johnny- maybe get some kind of space for A&C to meet a bit more lax than 60 wall st, place to work on projects, rehearse, paint. Funding options – crowdsource funds, use bigger ows budget, needs a lot of discussion. Want to start discussing it

Eli- think there should be money for an art space

Ehud- what is the importance of having a space? Also what if the space moves around the city?

Imani- there have been offers from at least 1 gallery to use space for 2 weeks, would be better to not use someone else’s space so we have autonomy. Month to month would be good, like idea of moving around city. #1 importance – winter is coming. Can’t have art exhibition in a tent

Gregory- anyone know about alwan? Alwan for the arts, low rates, think they’d like the movement. http://www.alwanforthearts.org also tribes gallery, a bit far.

Eli- brecht forum also, on the west side, nice arts space, would probably do it for free, eli’s dad has a connection

Renae – **note that it’s 9, atrium will close at 930

Ehud – there’s also the ethics of working with the occupation, with the facilities & conditions they’re working with, so the art is influenced & generated by the space

Johnny- there’s a directory of all private/public spaces in the city, can see what other spaces are available

Bryan- could have an art show in the back of a truck

Imani- indoor space doesn’t detract from outdoor aspect, there isn’t room in the park to display things. Also need space to actually make art. Established a little space in the square earlier in the week, stuff was stolen/lost, so need a space to make art. Occupy Halloween puppet making was a struggle to find space, had to rent. If we can stop spending $ for rent, rebuy supplies in a multipurpose space, will save $, time, effort

Rose- concern is who is caretaker of the space? Managing that is also a bunch of questions

Gregory – blue stockings might help, a bike store on Houston (?) called Time Out might help, why not do a 1 month residency. If you advertise it that way, get orgs to sign on.

Johnny- bluestockings has come and offered to use space before

Ehud- use the principle of occupying space, apply it to the art/multipurpose space. Place that is converted to an art space, not ready-made for it

Alphonzo- anyone want to take point on this?

Gregory- this issue is complicated- why not choose one of the spaces that has come up, be liaison for each space

Imani- this isn’t an urgent issue, people could take initiative and actively scout places. Or maybe use an abandoned building. Important thing is accountability and taking the initiative, report back in docs maybe

Eli- will talk to brecht forum

Alphonzo- Temp check on everyone taking initiative and reporting back? Consensus = yes

Imani- there’s already a thread on the forums, ‘our own space’- use that thread. Make sure that this issue is always on the agenda, people always scouting, people always updating thread

Last items

Renae- starting a thread about people coming to her about sound levels in the park. People’s stage isn’t a part of music guild, but doing their own thing but something we should be a part of it, if not, may run into issues down the road

Gregory- A&C could help them find a better space, it’s very crammed and not accessible. Can maybe negotiate to get them to a better space

Renae- drummers & stage want to maintain autonomy, maybe can go summarize history with them. Will start 2 threads- one on the issue of sound levels, will reach out to eli from pulse and Daniel from people’s stage, will invite them to meeting and start a thread about this too. Are people ok with getting back to current sound requests and saying we’re working on it? Temp check is good.

–          Proposals

Eli- scheduled a date at Jalopy Theater in bk to hold a benefit concert for OWS in some way, begun to book bands, wanted to let people know that it’s all good for Sunday the 13th at 7pm

Jared- working on/wants to do an open letter to institutions- has connections to some that are interested in working with them,

Bryan- started an art journal- next week will bring it to the group, basically a pamphlet not exactly associated with OWS but with the intent that we’re spreading ideas through art without being polarizing/politicized. Then maybe have rotating way to select what goes in.

Ehud- propose project he was doing in Israel- went to a space and performed structured very slow falls (crumpling to the floor). On Sunday at noon, wants to do this at OWS, will do the slow fall in the park, ‘present an otherness in a realm of consensus.’ wants to film it, can send link to version done in Israel

Renae- one of the co-orgs Ernie Vega is involved with jalopy theatre.

Eli- will figure out how the benefit will be worked out

Meeting over! Wavy hands all around!



Oct 23. 11

Facilitator- Renee, Stacks – James

Signal video by Denny – DennyDanielX@gmail.com


Claire- meeting with M. Moore ^ Yes Men. Occupy Boardroom- against banks on Friday. Occupytheboardroom.org. Looking for creative ways to deliver these ideas to the bankers.

James- Open Mic Tuesday – Occupy Open Mics. There is one at Penny’s standup, funny, starts at 8. Theatre Under St. Marks

Renee- We need to find outside venues for Occupy Open Mics rather than park

Kristin- Facebook Pages launched, Library needs signage, who wants to help?, I made one document on NYCGA that will be the home to ALL of the minutes.

Brad- promote Paul Goodman’s film: Changed My Life. Go see the movie- parallells to this movement.

Renee- Entire bottle of paint spilled in park yesterday. had to buy paint thinner to clean up. Didn’t work so well. Worried.

Agenda Items

R- meeting with Structure. AC has addressed a lot of issues, informed that we already have clusters and guilds, talked about financial issues regaurding all the different groups. Thematic vs. opp concerns. discussion about ho gets the money. no concensus. 2PM tomorrow there is a structure meeting to bring about spokes council. They are open to suggestions on how to approve this. Want working groups to be a part of this to facilitate this happening.

Denny- Is the graphic still happening.

R- Yes, also Music Guild is trying to work with the drummers. Rummors are flyng. Someone is telling drummers that we think negatively of them and we do not support them. We want to work constructively and wnt them to come to our meetings. everyone needs to stay positive.

B- Who is telling them?

R-No proof of who.

James- Drummer have been given hours and they aren’t following.

R- Yes, community relations sit in, devoted to drumming.

James- any way to encourage hours?

R- We as a working group need to enforce now lecture. be aware of language.

Jason- Is AC really responsible for this?

R- This kind of frmaing causes them to be resentful. Music Guild is a liason to the drummers, since they are not a working group. Too many seperate groups are attacking them.

Claire- lets move on.

Sara- silk screennig station. Too many people taking over supplies there. I propose we have a studio space in park. [STACK]

Zach- money concerns, feels this attitude of  “we gottaa use it or loose it” mentality isn’t working. No single project is greater than the reason we are all here. We want to create a world without greed and one that is concious of excess. accountability and use awareness. [STACK]

Denny- we are artists, we need balance between spending & being open minded

Claire- whats allocated in a day, need a budget, transparency of money. propose to Zach to be responsible.

Z- problem bigger than AC group. Issue is more of other groups. GA not able to handle responsibilities they have taken on. no access to financial info, trouble on a personal level & political level, lets take responsibility for ourselves first, then we can present to tohers.

James- people are making groups just to get $100/day. fast grab for cash at GA. lets not be greedy

R- agree 100%, but to you want to make a proposal?

Z- written budget needed and did pass, not ready for proposal yet, will continue to bring it up at our meetings.

C- So will you be willing to take this on?

Z- ill think about it, but we are ALL responsible

Brad- Outreach– Forth Arts Blocks- paul from Occupenial, they will support us in whatever they can.  common board- arts & tax forces very supportive, ready to be mobile, With groups like this,, we can work our way out there.

Sara/ Giuliana / James- Studip Space in park proposal [STACK]

Renee- Idea, w music guild, work on how to coordinate when we have contact from celebrities vs. the “little guy”, ho to keep check & balance. Draft this

Giuliana- all inclusive space- info station

James-  wants to ask for 100% for drawing guild, use rign already have, all work in one space, need bodies there making art.

S- who do we get to claim the space?

R- there is no one who is responsible for reserving time & space. just do it.

S- lets occupy anywhere.

Z- before getting supplies take space first.


ALphonzo- shared prototype of occupy records. wants working group

B- suggests going to Music Guild

C- No set day & time of Guild, we welcome you

Report Backs- James- Open Mic  & AC Studio space

Adam- need signs- adam@tradejustice.net   DEMONSTRATION AGAINST CHARLIE RANGAL




Oct. 22. 11

facilitator-James / stacks – sara

Lady- finance -$3,000 for Occupy Halloween, unsure of how to acquire it

Broken down into events: Main event being puppets – already have $900 Kickstarter

[suggests to group] any idea? and if you want to raise money, you can do that on your own

will – C- How to we decide if someone proposes large budget and not many in the group, how do we go about that?

Lady- For time constraints, if things need to get done, get it done, take it on own and bring it to table.

will- nothing official?

Lady- no dea how to do this. once money is approved, how do we get it?

Gan- we have to go to them

Lady- finance was not at GA, you can propose your own budget, we have more funding than most bodies. we just aren’t pushing for it

gan- finance is reorganizing system currently, we should hear more this week

james- Agenda- Trying to get painting guild to be painting and drawing giuld. we would be in charge of park projects & teach-ins involving these mediums

Lady- PofInfo- Someone is trying to get a space before winter. i am going to GA tonight to propose.

James- Wants a collective.

[positive temperature check about painting guild]

James-Arts in Dreams, needs no budget, but will bring art therapy project to park. empower through art. How does everyone feel?

[positive temp check]

James #2 – OWS National Day for Arts in Culture Proposal-

[proposal tabled till Sunday, since today’s meeting is about organization & culture]


Kristin- Arts & culture facebook page for OWS?

[Temp check- positive]

Rich- Is there a Musicians Corner?

Will- yes on the south side between braod & trinity.

Lady- Understand arts & entertainment are important, but more productive if we were in two groups. we would get more money this way.

Rich- Is there any thought about making a space in the park?

Will- Arts & Culture asked People’s Stage to be apart of our group, but they denied.

Gan- Well know artists, writers & musicians want to come, but there is no dedicated group organized yet to create physical space for these people to meet in park.

Denny- I have connections – Webster Hall – I am interested in starting this working group.

Gan- We need a working group.

Alfonzo- We need an outlet for musicians, movement inspired music. The music business is exclusive. So i built prototype for OccupyRecords.

Occupyrecords.org – Would like feedback. Probably will need a working group. This will be an opensource direct democracy record label. Wants it as a portal and to put out product compilations.

James #2- I want to be a part of this. Suggests an upload radio station.

Giuli- Can everyone upload?

Alfonzo- This will be an open social network, a place to share music and interact, so of course. I will open this idea up to the GA tonight.

[Temp check- positive]

James #2- Peoplesound.net offers legal and copywrite info.

james #1- Report back- Painting Guild & Occupy Records.

Alphonzo- Does report back at GA

Meeting Adjourned.


2 Responses to “A+C Meeting Minutes”

  1. antonioserna

    I would suggest having a new document for each day’s minutes. That way you can link to meeting individually.

    Also, I would allow for posting agenda items BEFORE the meeting so people know what to expect. Also make it clear what on the agenda was resolved, tabled, etc.

    I’m testing this method for the nightly Wednesday meeting. I’ve started a page but haven’t linked to the minutes since the meeting hasn’t happened:

  2. James Rose

    I was just reading the minutes regarding the Occupennial and NYCGA.net somehow solving our need for a image gallery. THere is also the Occupyr.com, which is soley a site for uploading this kind of content. And you can do it yourself. If you want to have images on Occupennial you have to email them to the webmaster and then they are puit up. I think merging all three sited would be great. Have the open and easily uploadable image gallery of Occupyr, the clearing house aspect of news and info on A&C’s effect on the art world of Occupennial and the social interaction and people and groups and the movement as a whole from NYCGA.net. At least make them linked up in very obvious and flat ways.