A+C General Meetign Minutes 11/1/11

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Minutes 11/1/11


Showcase of new hand signal cards


Stack for announcements:


Ryan: Occupy Stravinsky: Thursday, Nov 3, 5-6, Zucotti Park. 3 Broadway and television actors and 7 music performers: Stravinsky’s A Soldier’s Tale. A parable about a soldier who comes from war, but the devil co-opts him and gives him a book that tells him about the future of the economy. He is corrupted and abandoned by his family.


Place to perform in the park? Seems like the only place would be by the “Red Thing” Who can I talk to to make sure that is okay, won’t get shut down by the police. Graphic designers—need placards.


Renae: Call it The Joy of Life. It is barricaded and GA is right there. Needs to be traffic flow. What are the boundaries on space? Have actors on top square, reading out to the park


Imani: Give you security number


Ryan: Would love to make flyers. Who wants to help? Would love placards saying “Occupy Stravinsky”. Also 3 actors—placards with character names. If anyone is or working with Graphic Designers.



Adrian: POI—Design Committee. Question is timeliness.


Riley: OccupyDesign.org is another resource.


Renae: POI—sent a nice introduction to the event on nycga.net, but not a live link to the event. Direct posting somehow.


Ryan: Performance is on the main calendar. Tumblr getting lots of traffic. Loud. Biggest concern is the volume of the street. 8 musicians. Thought of seven best musicians in the city, called them and they all said yes.



Renae: Announcement: Conversation about working with the drummers. Trying to put together a workshop and work with local schools; report with community—bridge building and major. Parent and Education Groups involved. Sending out info online. Also, some people are travelling from another state. Several groups are traveling here on Nov 10th. They asked about space on the calendar for a mass sing-along. Children’s’ music as well.


Eli: Organizing a benefit concert for OWS. Sun Nov 13th, Jalopy Theatre in BK. Trying to get word out and put it into the system. Have some bands built but would love more performers. Make it into a community event. How to reach out to musicians and artists as well as to the press.


Adrian: Get in touch with Performance Guild.


Renae: POI—We need to work on getting liaisons for all of these different groups so we don’t step on each other’s toes. Need contacts for guilds.


William: I have a painting exhibited at No Comment art show. I chronicle historic events and turn them into paintings. Only painting that captures Sept. 17th march to Wall Street. Looking to exhibit it. Contact info: historicwest54@yahoo.com


Joe: From Puppet Guild. We have a meeting 5 o’clock at 60 Wall Street. Report back from OccupyHalloween. There are some thorny budgetary issues. Agenda item, not announcement


Jan: Organization called Soar Nation. We raise money for non-profits are “Phillanthro-capitalists”. We have an event on 11/11/11. Launching our platform with Dead Prez. Building a recording studio in the South Bronx (Jersey City) for underprivileged kids. Big all-forms workshop.


Will also announce Eli’s benefit on the 13th


Renae: Do you have email links, etc about the organization?


Jan: Passing out cards


Rick: Trying to get groups to support the Restore Democracy Working group. Handing out leaflets.


Rachel: I recently finished a declaration of the Occupation. Response has been overwhelmingly positive. Feel like I need guidance on making posters, how many, how to structure financing. Agenda Point


Renae: Need to know if we can plan a time to discuss formatting. Want it to be a larger conversation. Several initiatives happening in music guild and autonomously. Need help meshing things together. Should reflect precedence of past projects. Some people are moving forward and doing things semi-autonomously.


Imani: POP—7:30 Non-Copt meeting.


Stack for Agenda items


Rick: From Restore Democracy First. Strategy for OWS. It is to start with a constitutional amendment that corporations are not persons; money is not speech. Many people have articulated that they like this statement. We thin we should do this first. In 1976, the Supreme Court ruled that money is speech. Cannot stop corporations from giving unlimited amts of money. This idea is opposed by a lot of people. Even people who are strongly in support of Tea Party are against this idea (lots of statistics). If people understand this, we can convince people. Two advantages: 1. OWS comes together and declares this our first initiative. Gives us support of people around the country. Will consolidate our goals in a feasible manner. I am for as radical as we can get. If we start putting demands out, there will be too many objections. This is the 1 issue that 99% of the country probably supports.


Trying to say to the Demands working group: we do not need to make demands; we have a way to go in the back door. In the meanwhile, all working groups come together with ideas for a comprehensive platform of goals. Once this passes we can pass campaign finance reform. Second thing is to pass election reform—instant runoff voting to enable third party voting and get third parties involved in debates. Vote on weekend; vote on national holiday, instant voting. To get the people who support ideas to the polls.


Hope you will support this as the first initiative of this group.



Rachel: Flow chart of OWS. Lot of request for copies of the flow charts. Wheat paste it. Broad distribution. Once there are copies available it will be a great outreach document. Two plans: editions of prints: small, handout. Need to buy paper. There will be 200 on recycled paper. Also a couple thousand big prints to give away for free.


How to configure these two things. Quote is $1.17 each for first thousand. Goes down if we print more. Should I go through the GA to get large chunk of funding to do print edition.


Imani: Do a test print.


Al: I am an artist and believe that arts have a lot of power. Is this where I would bring a plan for jobs?


Adrian: Give us a number


Rachel: I’ve been saying 5000, but that would mean $5000? 3×3 feet. The more you print at once the cheaper they are. Gotten request from occupations around the country.


Janine: I could imagine you would give away 1000 in one day. Let’s do a huge run. Make a list of how many cities, factor in shipping costs and really make a budget of it. This is promoting the movement. Put a budget based on numbers of high schools, occupations, etc.


Jan: I would suggest that people would buy it. Sell online for $1/ piece. Sell it to print more.


Rachel: Want to do everything by donation


Jason: Who is going to cover shipping costs?


Sarah: How about making it open source. It is hard to print because it is so big


Renae: Feel that if other occupations are asking of us all the time, they are going to have to step up a little bit. Other occupations should do an open source things. I feel a little uncomfortable throwing out so much money off the bat.


Imani: Calculate high schools, etc and do competitive bids



Renae: Update on what’s going on. We had a kickoff meeting for OccupyRecords. Problem is that it hasn’t been consented upon as a member of music guild. This was done autonomously. Lots of concerns about idea of it becoming a record label. Personally feel that there needs to be a forum. Space for independent record labels but not one being presented over the other. Unclear that Occupy Records is not an action of Art and Culture working group. We have not launched several projects because we have not worked out the ideas behind them.


Sarah: Alphonzo is a part of A+C and we okayed OccupyRecords from here.


Renae: The meeting where he did that had a lot of misinformation. There has been a freeze about all music related items because of ethical, money and press issues. Not saying that Alphonzo is one of these problems. But there has been a freeze on music guild.


Sarah: Wasn’t music guild developed after?


Renae: Music guild has been in place but is still developing. Want to make sure that things are done with transparency


Sarah: Need to clarify that this is a music issue and not a transparency issue


Al: I would do a studio with Occupy drummers went to a studio. You’re saying that that CD should be included? That’s great.


Renae: Not what I’m saying necessarily, but because music group is still developing, there is a freeze on music guild. There are great ideas out there and happening and we want to merge them together because


Adrian: Renae is talking about how to integrate autonomous artists with A+C and Music Guild


Jared: Larger point of non-cooptation. Do we try to stop people who are working now?


Renae: We have been explaining where we are at in the process and say that while we appreciate what you’re doing now, we can only work together once we get our statements, principles, goals, and values, budget, etc. together


Jared: Would it be possible to come up with something in the interim that says: here are our ideas. Proceed at your own risk. You are welcome to act autonomously, but we cannot back you until we get our materials together.


Renae: Need a welcome packet. Need guidance on how to move forward.  Need to all come to meetings to discuss. Not to exclude autonomous actions, but we need cooperation. But not everyone seems to get that


Riley: Come to non-coopt meeting and we can all draft something and get it out tomorrow.


Seth: What is the nature of what Alphonzo is doing


Renae: Look at the threat that Alex posted on the google thread.


Gan: This is a bigger challenge than just the music guild. Autonomy is fast and impassioned, but in keeping with the principles of the movement, we need to figure out how those principles operate in practice. The group is going to continue to figure out the in-practice principles. Autonomous projects can propose their finance structures. Let them do that work, propose it to your group and then you can have a more substantial discussion about the meat of the project. Always refer them back


Imani: Principles, values and goals doc needs to be done ASAP


Josh: OccupyHalloween. Budgetary issues need to be discussed with the whole group. Propose that the budget be moved to agenda for tomorrow night. Throw to Gan for report back


Gan: Who was there? Blown away by what people brought to the event. Evening event—500, 1000 people showed up. 10-15 blocks of occupy stuff. Stark, powerful banner. So clear that we had a huge presence there. This is one place where ows really showed up. Incredible puppet work, lady liberty fighting bull, evil robot stock exchange—people’s basic needs being gambled upon. Check out the media frm come of this. Major success from AC and OWS.  More and more media—throw it back to the thread


Imani: Throw it to Occupennial


Josh: One other quick thing is that it was a show of our artistic power. Spirit of solidarity in protest is different from that pure creativity.


Moved into the studio a week ago. It was proof that everyone can work 1000%. Proves how much we can get accomplished.



Imani: Question of archive


Artist who want to donate work?  Artist who want to sell for OWS


Imani: Two works: Joel Richardson and Jing’s Poster.  We want to start a larger conservation about acquiring work for collection.


Space issue?  Take over of art space by printmaking space.


Imani: Occupy abandoned space, hoping from gallery to gallery


Brecht forum, interested in working with us.  Talk to me.


I advocate occupying a space for art.  I think it should be an agenda point.


Gan: I work for a very interesting organization.  Hired a month before OWS.  Organize artists around economic injustice.  Networking and institutional work.  I want to join force with OWS.  Trying to figure out how it works. 1: best way to do that?  Outside organization funding/organizing 2: getting everything into a database Organization is called The Culture Group.  Political change is preceded by culture change, so organization is trying to adapt to OWS and cooperatively working.  Pilot on Economic Justice. website will be Artismyoccupation.org


Imani: Finishing up space conversation.  I’m going to start a breakout group about having a space for art.  Talking about having/using/occupying space.  “Our Own Multi-Purpose Space” thread.


Paul: Printed Matter has offered us their storefront space.  On 10th ave Proposal will be ready by tomorrow.  Would be able to rotate until 23rd of Nov.


Renae:  Other group brought over some art


Send messenger to GA

Thursday Occupy Museums

Thursday Occupy Stravinsky

Benefit Concert


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