A more strongly worded document (Edited Saturday, 11/26 – this supersedes all previous docs from me)

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What follows is a living document that will be revised through the democratic process of the General Assembly.

A short time ago, the General Assembly of the Occupy Wall Street movement issued a Declaration of the Occupation of New York City, to inform the people of the world of the conditions that brought us together. It is now time to look to the future – to imagine the world as it might be.


From the General Assembly of the Occupy Wall Street movement, to the people of world, we offer a Declaration of our Vision.

We envision a truly free, democratic, and just society

      where we, the people, come together and solve our problems by consensus;

      where all are encouraged to participate in decision making for their community;

      where all who reap society’s benefits accept a fair share of its responsibilities;

      where our economic and political institutionswork to benefit all, not just a privileged few;

      where we value meeting human needs over monetary gain, and ensure decent standards of living, without which effective democracy is impossible;

      where we provide full and free education to everyone, not merely to be productive members of society, but to grow and flourish as human beings;

      where we learn to live in harmony and embrace principles of toleration and respect for diversity and the differing views of others;

      where we work together to ensure that life on earth is sustainable, and that future generations will have safe and clean air, water, and food supplies.

We cannot build such a society on the crumbling foundation of our broken political and economic institutions, on a planet where our survival as a species is in danger. Therefore,

      the inalienable civil and human rights of all must be secure from violation or infringement by tyrannical forces, specifically unchecked corporate power and unjust government;

      governments must derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, not from the wealth of corporate treasuries;

      institutionalized racism, sexism, and all other forms of discrimination based on socially constructed labels must be wiped out;

      non – violence must be embraced as a way of life;

      the global environment must be protected against hazardous pollution and disastrous climate change, and all species must be protected against extinction.

We are not the first people to have a vision of a brighter future. We have drawn heavily on the United States Declaration of Independence. But our vision is not limited by national borders. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights establishes a global foundation on which we can build a better world.

We are also guided by the Peace Principles of the Iroquois Nations. We seek a peace that is more than just the absence of war. We seek unity through our consensus – building process. And we seek to always carry a good message, so that the society we build will truly be different from the society we see around us today.

The Working Group on Vision and Goals continues to work toward a more comprehensive statement of visions and goals to be incorporated as soon as possible into this living document.

This is an official document crafted by the Working Group on Vision and Goals. The New York City General Assembly came to consensus on ______________ to accept this working draft and make it accessible to the public by posting it online.

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  1. Darrell Prince

    I like your words in general. More interested at this point in somewhat more intermediate steps but I agree that is vision, and what is necessary to be.

    Have you deleted the old versions, or is that bad ettiquitte