*99%-OWS, City-Wide Movement Building and Coordination Assembly

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October 18, 2013

60 Wall Street-


Note Taker-Sumumba


Introductions/ House- keeping/Collection -24 raised-all went to Metrocard$

Reportback- From Reconnecting with the 99% Strategy Discussion /Summation held 10.17.13-People’s (Citizen’s) Moreland Commission-follow up on hearings follow blurbs, NYCHA how much funding goes into the state for HOUSING, Transportation-Money Out of Politics what about salaries?. Economic Justice for the People/for the 99%

Proposal(s)-Petition-Rayne, (consented), Consensus also given for support of TWU workers action on October 29th, As well as action against Buttonwood Gathering October 29-30.

Reportbacks-Various reportbacks  given on actions and meetings for previous week including: Moral Mondays, Gen Petraeus Protest at Fundraiser, Moral Mondays, Fracking Action on Saturday and reportback from Monsanto Action. Also upcoming Day of Action against Police Brutality in Harlem on October 22nd. Also a town hall meeting will happen on October 22nd on Group also consented on Occupying Subway beginning at 3:30pm starting at  Union Square.  Ms. K also spoke on her situation and will advise group of next action happening  near end of October.

Future Actions/Discussion- October 19th –Occupy The Subway, October 24TH Living Wage Action, Black Friday Speakout @Federal Hall  26 Wall Street March Against Corruption November 2, other actions and meetings posted on www.occu-evolve.com



Close Meeting

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