*99%-OWS, City-Wide Movement Building and Coordination Assembly

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October 25, 2013

60 Wall Street-


Note Taker-Sumumba


Introductions/ House- keeping/Collection – -all went to Metrocard $ 14.00 METROCARD $14.37 raised in total

Reportback- From Reconnecting with the 99% Strategy Discussion /Summation

Upcoming Action(s)-Petition-Rayne, (consented), Consensus also given for support of TWU workers action on October 29th, As well as action against Buttonwood Gathering October 29-30, Black Friday-Sunday Sandy March 12-4:30-from Midland to City Hall-8am Brighton Street. Moral Monday 6pm City Hall, PEP meeting 883 CLASSON AVENUe ‘action to save our schools.

Reportbacks-Various reportbacks  given on actions

Summation/Future Actions/Discussion- October 19th –Occupy The Subway, October 24TH Living Wage Action, Black Friday Speakout @Federal Hall  26 Wall Street March Against Corruption November 2, other actions and meetings posted on www.occu-evolve.com

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