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August 2, 2013

5422 Church Facilitator-Note Taker Sumumba/

Introductions/ House- keeping/Collection -Brief overview  of OE -48$ raised-30 went toward weekly metrocard the rest food…

Principles of Unity (Solidarity)-Stop Stop Frisk, Stop and Frisk Freedom Fighters, Stop Mass Incarceration. The Kimani Gray Family, Occupy Wall Street (Occu-Evolve) And Cop Watch

Upcoming Meetings/ Actions: Trayvon Martin-Meeting  Saturday August 3, 201 International Action Center 2:00pm,  Sunday August 4, 2013 S17 Logistical  meeting  12:00noon, 60 Wall Street Monday s-17 Assembly meeting 60 Wall Street  6:30pm –Occupy Music Day August 10, 2013 12noon at Zuccotti Park

Group consented on assembly meeting locations and dates as follows. August 9 5422 Church (East Flatbush). -Kim Hall, August  16 -Union Square ,  August 23 60 Wall Street New York City,   August 30 Harlem (Adam Clayton Powell Plaza)

Legal Group-getting funding  call 911=nyclu, Candace tolliver, nlg, Bronx defenders/Consolidate list of legal assistance for the people, tabling, get out flyers/consolidate info on to a website. Bring em all together.  Come together  for March on Washington, Support the Community Safety Act/OVER212RIDE Veto


212-227-2303 Megan Morris Lawyer

Education on racism to the 99% show holisitic view *Know your rigse4hts-city-wide-learn status of in schools *Make people uncomfortable move outside your comfort zone-talk about issues*Breaking down stereotypes –how do we contribute to stereotypes/challenges*Challenges Targeting stand your ground laws/stop and frisk=targeted actions*Teaching the people about the issues/socioeconomic status*Prison Pipeline/education*Criminality aspect/media’s *Black on Black on crime-not a good term*Prison industrialism*No rights in schools-police in schools*Cop watch-in some schools*Clubs in schools-Know Your Rights groups*Students * NY-RADICAL EDUCATORS*Global Kids-*Parents Organizations*Curriculum issues-*Watch eyes on prize –Ocean Hill-Brownsville of the 60’s *School boards*Culture of Education*Building sense of community/getting people involved in their own lives and community-*Community board meetings at police precints *Community Board meetings*Community based organizing*Piece rallies into greater movement/*Holisitic movement*Targeting stand your ground law*Creating your own movement/Healing the individual/inside your home*Talk to people*Every 28 hours a police officer kills a black person


Open Discussion-Strategy for Summer with an immediate focus on Trayvon Martin and building city-wide coalition against police brutality, stop and frisk and other issues with police

Close Meeting

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