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TradeJustice New York Metro / OWS TradeJustice

Joint Meeting Minutes – Friday, June 29th, 2012

In Attendance

Adam Weissman, Global Justice for Animals and the Environment
Wendy Scher – Global Justice for Animals and the Environment
Ruth Santana – Global Justice for Animals and the Environment
Christina Schiavoni, WhyHunger
Gabby – Health Global Access Project
Michael Tikili –  Health Global Access Project
Phil Josselyn – New York Committee in Solidarity with the Committee of El Salvador



1)TPP Week of Action Briefing
– What is TPP?
– TPP and Access to Medicine
2) Action Planning – Pfizer Protest
3) New Regular Meeting Date and Time
4) Global AIDS Conference
5) Post-Democratic Primary Strategy

  • Review of Primary Outcome

  • ) November Elections: Murphy vs. Grimm, Meng vs. Halloran

  • Building relationships with new Reps: Jeffries and Meng

6) Occupy National Meeting
7) Videos of Our Events
8 ) Recap



The US government- carrying the water of multinational pharmaceutical companies– is demanding countries agree to a whole set of anti-access policies that block generic drug production and extend the patents of drug companies far beyond what’s reasonable.
They are demanding that countries: deny people the right to oppose patents before they’re granted; make clinical trial data corporate property for 12 years, so generic drugs can’t be approved; allow drug companies to make a minor change to an old medicine, even if it does nothing to help patients, and get a new 20-year patent; let drug companies sue government agencies that set reimbursement rates for public health programs if drug companies don’t like them.

If the pharma-backed US demands are enacted, countries like Vietnam and Malaysia would be forced to accept patents.

We are at a critical point in the AIDS movement where science proves we can end the AID pandemic if we treat everyone who needs treatment (HPTN 052).  Secretary Clinton also stated it is now U.S. policy to create a generation free of HIV/AIDS, in 2011.  With 2/3rds of the world's HIV positive individuals still without access to medication, and disastrous trade agreements such at the TPP being negotiated, we will never achieve the
goal of an end to AIDS.


NY action in solidarity with national actions -many parts of the action – someone masked as Obama – administration responsible for signing agreements – administration tied with corporate greed – mask of Obama and Pfizer -dollar bills that talk about TPP as corporate greed – people pretending to be deceased on the ground – Pfizer character and Obama – tossing money around –

Outreach events:

Christina – two small events this weekend: Garifuna event and event with Filipino food sovereignty activist (Adam will email her flier)

Adam – Saturday 4-8PM.  Resistance in Brooklyn has BBQ benefit for VOCAL – group that works on AIDS issues. Possibly good outreach event.  Michael says individuals in group will be interested, though group overall does many different things.  Michael organizes with this group.

Phil will flier at IWW event if Adam emails flier. (he agreed to this later in the call- he joined the call late)

Healthcare for the 99% has a meeting on Sunday – Adam will try to go.

Online Outreach:

Michael shared announcement with Facebook HealthGAP, ACT Up, and Queerocracy groups.

Adam outreached to TradeJustice and OWS Facebook groups.

Adam still needs to do Twitter outreach.

Outreach Calls

Michael has called Health GAP people.

TradeJustice has long lists of people to call to invite to the protest. We need volunteers to call them.  Adam can make some calls, but no one on the call has time to make calls.

Media Outreach

Need to make press calls Monday morning – Adam, Wendy, Gabby, and Michael can make press calls

Media advisory is done, but needs to set to media

Media kit needs to be updated and copied.  Adam will do this.

Adam will send media advisory to press lists.

Michael will email HealthGap press contacts.

Michael will be a media spokesperson along with other Health GAP rep.

Protest Logistics

Banner and masks were done for February protest and just need to be gathered (they are in the GJAE office)

Chest signs for See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil need to be redone.


Sea No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil (3 people)

Banner Holders (2 people)

Leafletters (2-4)

Petitioners (2)

Speakout Speakers (2-3) Michael Tikili, ask Mark Milano of HealthGAP to speak

Obama (1)

Pfizer (1)

Media Spokespeople (2): Michael Tikili

Police Liaison (1)

Demo Coordinator (1)

Video (2) – Christina can bring flip cam

Photo (2)-Wendy, ask Gary Rissman and Ashley G

Signs – Michael feels we shouldn’t make more than we already have some people can focus more on fliering.

We received this request from Citizens Trade Campaign: “Make one or more signs that say the following: “USTR: NO BACK ROOM DEALS FOR THE 1%!” Have your group take pictures with that sign during your visit (trying to capture the corporation in the background). Email the best photos to tppaction@citizenstrade.org  by Saturday, July 7 and we’ll include them in a collage delivered to trade negotiators during a creative action in the final days of the San Diego negotiations.”

Everyone agrees that this sign won’t make sense to people on the street.

We considered modifying it to “United States Trade Representative: NO BACK ROOM DEALS FOR THE 1%!” Wendy suggested shortening it to “US TRADE REPRESENTATIVE: NO BACK ROOM DEALS FOR THE 1%!”  Wendy will make the sign.  We will only make one of these signs.


Christina points out that we have people signs up from the workshops at Brooklyn Food Conference who can be invited to a meeting, but we should give a few weeks notice for this.

Participants are polled on preference for frequency of meetings

Christina – biweekly or monthly

Wendy – biweekly – ????

Michael – can’t commit to a meetings in July – will be in DC most of Jul

Gabby – can make meeting in two weeks

Christina: conference calls are easier, but should sometimes have in-person meetings

Adam: one call per month, one in person meeting per month


International conference in Washington, DC in July. Will be addressing global access to pharmaceuticals. We can publicize and mobilize people for it. Michael will send details.


Outcome of Primaries


Rangel and Espaillat race still undecided. Won’t be a contest in November because district is heavily Democratic. If Espaillat wins, we can’t be sure he’ll be an ally – he supported CAFTA, but later told Taleigh that he regretted it because it did not create jobs Jose Serrano endorsed Rangel.

Phil: Serrano is progressive and has been an ally. We’ve had a good relationship with his office, particularly when Siddhartha Sanchez was there. If Serrano is supporting Rangel, Espaillat may not be good.

Adam: Serrano may just be loyal to Rangel, as when NY Congressional delegation voted against censure. Perhaps we should ask Siddhartha Sanchez for his thoughts on why Serrano endorsed Rangel.

Phil: Siddhartha works for Citgo now. Not in touch with him as frequently as before.

Barron /Jeffries

Phil: Zionist lobby made a concerted effort to keep Barron from getting elected.

Adam: NY Times says financial industry also very worried about Barron winning. MoveOn.org attacked Barron in a shameless fashion.

Phil: Analogous to when the machine put carpetbagger Pelosi in office in San Francisco, using money and media power and attacking opponent.

Adam: No real race in November – solidly Democratic district Republican candidate might pull swing voters but he’s too liberal for the Republican base. Actually somewhat sympathetic to our issues. Jeffries may not be be bad on our issue. He was critical of Town’s support for free trade agreements and has solid union backing, but union backing hasn’t stopped NYC Reps from voting for FTAs before – and votes for FTAs haven’t stopped unions from supporting candidates -except for, to some degree, Towns.


Adam: Another race where support for Israel loomed large. Lancman and Meng were competing with each other to be seen as the biggest Israel supporter. Elizabeth Crowley described the Israel issue as “a distraction.” Her cousin, Joe Crowley didn’t endorse her. Meng is largely seen as a machine-backed candidate. A friend of mine who works for the Humane Society of the US got her to endorse anti-shark finning legislation, but that’s the only in I know of anyone having with her. Meng wing probably win in November, but is still going to need to campaign against Republican Dan Halloran, because the new district she’s been elected to includes parts of Turner’s old district, which proved in the special election that it is willing to elect Republicans.

November Elections


Adam: Tough race in a primarily Republican district, including Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn including Bensonhurst. Grimm is being investigated by the FBI (http://www.bensonhurstbean.com/2012/04/fbi-plans-to-investigate-congressman-michael-grimms-fundraising/ ), though this may not hurt him. Grimm is a first-term Republican who came into office as part of the 2010 Tea Party wave, replacing Democrat Michael McMahon. It’s not impossible that another Democrat could be elected, though this is a strongly Republican district. Murphy is a relative unknown. According to his website, n public service, Mark most recently served as Borough Representative for Public Advocate Bill de Blasio in Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens, after having worked on a staff level in both the U.S. House and the Senate

Phil: De Blasio is fairly progressive. Could be a good sign.

Adam: Murphy’s website describes him as “a successful businessman in the real estate and the media industries,” Encouragingly, the issues section of his website includes the following passed on a page called “The Economy and Jobs” “First and foremost, we must keep good jobs here in America.  No tax breaks should ever go to companies that outsource our jobs to our economic competitors.  Instead, we need to target our incentives to companies that create jobs here, and help them succeed. This is likely to be the most significant Congressional race in NYC in November and we may want to consider endorsing Murphy- officially or unofficially.

Phil: So what do we do with all this?

Adam: We should to arrange meetings with Meng, Murphy, and Lancman to introduce them to our issues. Ask them to support efforts in Congress to demand transparency in the TPP negotiating process. Ask them to sign Public Citizen’s Consumer Rights Pledge, which commits legislators to oppose FTAs that include anti-consumer provisions. We should consider endorsing them if they show a willingness to support us in these areas and a commitment to fight FTAs overall. If nothing else, we can be sure that they acquainted from these issues from our perspective before they get to Washington. We can also actively campaign for their elections if they face tough races (especially Murphy).






Phil and Ruth joined the call after the discussion about the protest. Adam recapped the discussion of the protest. Phil expressed concerns about targeting Obama.

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