5/28/12 Minutes

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In Attendance:
Ruth Santana,  Global Justice for Animals and the Environment

Adam Weissman,  Global Justice for Animals and the Environment

Phil Josselyn, NY Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador

Beatriz Lopez, Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch

Julian Monroy

Eva Lewis, International Peace Observatory


On the Agenda:


1. Trans-Pacific Parternship Actions on May Day

Public Citizen wants to do day of actions in different cities against TPP with outreach flyering at landmarks.  Flyering on May 1 with Public Citizen flyer as part of events outreach packets.  Possible picket on Wall Street by stock exchange at 9AM.  Will try to get Carlos Salamanca of Mingas NY as speaker at May Day rally.  Will flyer all marches and as many events as possible with lit.  Will march with OWS Global Justice group.   Adam is concerned about not muddying core May Day themes of immigrant and labor rights.  Phil feels protesting TPP addresses core OWS theme of challenging corporate power.

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