5.10.12 Minutes

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Occupy Wall Street Animal Issues Working Group


Meeting Minutes

In Attendance:

Ruth Santana

Adam Weissman

Alexis Brill


Dan Kaplan

Notes: Adam (unfortunately, I have very scant notes from this meeting – can anyone fill in the blanks?)


  1. Day 2

  2. Tabling

  3. Flyering

  4. A/V → Filming, Streaming, Protection, and Photos

  5. Animal Outreach

  6. Occupy Outreach

  7. Media Outreach

  8. Program


1) Discussion continues on whether to do a second day. Dan and Alexis defer because they will be out of town.

2) Alexis and Dan table @11AM-12:15PM

Dan and Alexis – preferences for workshops:

Workshop #2: 12:30-1:45PM – Corporate Power, Diet, and Animal Agriculture Workshop

Workshop #4: Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Hide Slaughterhouses.

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