4/24/12 Fem GA planning mtg minutes

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Next Meeting:  Weds, May 2, statue in Foley Square, 7-9.

In attendance on 4/24:  Jill, Christina, Mel G., Kathleen, Jennifer,
PJ, Sarah, Melissa (from Occupy DC), Amelia, Charlie, Alix, Abbi

1)  Consent to Flyer:  the beautiful result of Kathleen’s work has
already been circulated.  And it looks like Simran has arranged to
have Occu-copy make copies.  Charlie reported that the table at the
south end of Union Sq. outside of Whole Foods dedicates all the money
they collect to copies, and they’re there ’til midnight.  Jill
suggested that we hand out buttons in advance instead of flyers.  Mel
G will look into WePay for that.  Christina says that Occu-copy still
has money reserved for Outreach.  We said we’d come back to button

2)  Facebook Message Reviewed:  Suggestions were made to eliminate
redundancy and negativity.  Informal consensus to start fresh instead
of trying to remake old message.  Mel G and Amelia stepped up for
that, and their draft is now available for review.

3)  Finalize Outreach:  We have the spreadsheet that Simran set up.
Charlie found that a theater performance in conjunction with handing
out flyers was effective.  Mel G. emphasized that there are many
feminist events happening right now.  We could make sure at least one
of us attends every event and hands out flyers.  Kathleen suggested
that we make a calendar of events and assign people to attend them.
Mel G. says there is already a Tumblr page that Dior set up that can
be used for that.  Anyone can revise it.  Melissa asked if we had a
list of people we send invitations to that will generate a reminder
closer to the event.  Specific events that would provide receptive
participants were discussed.  Jill said she’d post flyers on public
library bulletin boards.  Informal consensus was that we wouldn’t
spend time deciding who to invite – everyone should feel empowered to
invite who they wish.

4)  May Day:  We discussed the possibility of a street team performing
mic checks or a feminist values soapbox while handing out flyers
during May Day.  Amelia is making a sign-up sheet for people who might
be interested in doing that.  Please contact her if you’re willing and
available.  Whether or not we get a street team together, we should be
making announcements and handing out flyers wherever we go on May Day,
as Mel urges.

5)   Fem GA Agenda:  Mel G. reminded us that Ris is looking into an
opening statement that will acknowledge the native Americans on whose
land we are standing.  We briefly discussed a tableau to highlight
patriarchy, such as a mock arrest.  We could end the same way and see
how the piece has changed.  That would be interactive and bookend the
event.  Christina reviewed our draft agenda through the lens of
experience and pointed out that we’ve proposed to do too much, times
are unrealistic, shifts in action require 3 times longer than
expected.  Alix said to bear in mind that we’d be outdoors with lots
of people drifting in and out.  Charlie asked if we allowed for food.
Melissa asked if the event was for groups or individuals.  We held a
big discussion over whether to have groups use the GA as a platform to
promote their activities, and/or as a means to plan a large joint
group/action, or whether the Fem GA should be a forum for dialogue
about feminism.  It was brought up that the Fem GA is in and of itself
an action.  Several people were excited by the prospect of dialogue
through 2 or 3 sessions of break-out groups and report backs from
those.  At least 3 people said to lose the spokes model.  The really
open space idea was rejected as too time-consuming and potentially off-
putting.  Values discussion can be part of the opening and inherent in
questions posed to break-out groups.

6)  Introduction exercises were proposed:  intentional milling around,
paired intros between strangers, large hand-shaking “passing of the
peace” circle-chain.  Amelia had the idea of putting introductions in
the middle of the event instead of at the start.  Charlie advocated
breaking for a meal with a stranger.  Informal consensus was that
breaking for a meal would signal the end.  Jennifer recommended light
refreshments to hold people through a long evening meeting.

7)  Logistics:  Obviously now we need to reach out to kitchen, which
Christina agreed to do.  Amelia volunteered to contact Library to have
a presence there with feminist literature on hand.  Apparently someone
in a previous meeting was getting in touch with Screen Printers
Guild?  We need Greeters, Facilitators, De-Escalators.  Informal
consensus was that we’d provide de-escalation services ourselves.  Mel
G will contact Anne Ellman to set up a training session for that.  We
(who?) will reach out to experienced OWS facilitators.  Mel G has
contacted both the Mahina (name?) group and Raging Grannies regarding

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, May 2, statue in Foley Sq., 7-9.

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