4-26-12 Minutes for OWSVG

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Meeting convened at 6:24
In attendance:
Lisa – mins.
Djorje – Facil.
Noz – stck
Scott – stck
Michael H.
Agenda items:
clarify the concept of values
establish our values
How we do it – the goals and the statement of purpose
Lisa explained the concept and function of common values:
The Values describe what the moral principles and beliefs or accepted standards of our group are.  The common values and our statement of purpose are the criteria for which all decisions are made.  We make 2 lists; one is for values we need and the other is for values we want.  We do this as individuals and then we look at the common values.  After we have compiled our values then we can give a sentence for each about what they mean to us.  This will be added to, to reflect the most current thinking.
Next item: Values
intellectual integrity
striving to understand all perspectives
generosity of spirit
respect for the process
value -based consensus
safe space
ethno/gender/age/class sensitivity
proactive research
radical conceptualism
logical/ valid analysis
Tony – gender sensitivity is missing
Djorje – should make core values and then a sub set of values
Freddy – how does it work itself out
Lisa  – we will do need and want distinctions
Tony  – we need to write a sentence  that these are core values & sub values
Bill asked about police, in terms of values like non violence – doesn’t agree w/ Anarchists breaking windows
Lisa said that the values will get fleshed out through our definitions and conversations – we have to be on the same page w/o misunderstandings
Next item: Outreach/ Purpose Statement
Lisa – State of Purp.  should reflect the decentralized and autonomous nature that truly reflects the spirit of OWS – not insisting on an outdated sense of unity
Scott – I am in the middle – I can see benefit of showing a unified one and a decentralized on.
Scott – everything is situational, it’s too soon to figure out the Outreach
Lisa  – statement of purpose is not done – we need to show more about authentic ‘unframing’
Bill – agrees – you can be moderate and radical and have an impact – change the perspective of what unity means
Marie – offensive what Bill said earlier – it’s a myth about Anarchists only being violent – diversity of tactics has produced real results  – there is a long history with the effectiveness of DoT – I am for non-violence, myself
Freddy – understands #D31 action – but are we violent?
Tony –  Oakland was violent
Marie – in a diversity of tactics movement – property damage can be successful – doing outreach can go both ways educating them
Djorje – this convo is what i wanted to do – we can have real dialogue now – it’s important
Lisa – keep focus on WG it is easy to start talking about OWS but we have to focus on V&G WG
Bill –  showing a better way to show society – bring his experiences
Michael H – it’s important to support our movement – we are OWS
Lisa – this is not outward-facing but at the same time it is because more people will join Djorje – Not a watchdog – not speaking for OWS – we can talk about goals  taken from the V.S – image, actions, info harvesting, outreach table, discussions and dialogue
Tony – talk to occupiers in a non-official way – as occupiers get a feel
Lisa – actions, outreach, just for us  –  it is for for OWS now
Freddy -we don’t speak to each other – outreach as group to other working groups
Marie – wow – this is great
Djorje – we should talk about how to do it – if we want to goals we have to make it exciting – be more in the
presence of the community
Scott –  goals in discussion
Djorje – we don’t interview ourselves in OWS – use  creative actions to gather content- we need discussions – it is our process – I want to make a proposal to discuss goals
Lisa – must talk about process first and use process for discussion of goals.  We should make agenda items for next meeting at the close of each meeting and then I can send info on list serve.
Djorje – Do we want to work on statement of purpose?
Group – next meeting!
Bill will facilitate on Saturday
Lisa will bottom-line email the agenda
Value-Based Consensus teach in
Practice VBC on Vision Statement for Goals categories
Statement of Purpose – further discussion
Meeting adjourned at 8:20 pm

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  1. Sally Marks

    Bravo – My hopes for this to not just be ‘proud sounding rhetoric’ but rather heartfelt and believed to the core. Practice what you preach. It is not what ‘you’ accomplish but what ‘is’ accomplished.