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Occupy Wall Street Animal Issues Working Group
Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Meeting Minutes

Michael Meyer
Dayna R
Adam Weissman

MINUTES: Adam ( I indicated parts where I couldn’t read my notes with xxx)


1) Earth Fair
2) BFC


Global Justice for Animals (table)and the Environment will table there. OWS Environmental Solidarity is protesting the corporate sponsors of the Earth Fair. Dayna doesn’t think OWS Animal Issues should table there, but is okay with flyering there for our workshops at the Brooklyn Food Conference and having our BFC promo flyers at the GJAE table.


Where should we hold Day 2?  People’s responses:

Alexis – Brooklyn

Dayna – Manhattan – near OWS – (Zuccotti or Union Square)

Dan – Manhattan

Adam – Brooklyn

John – not Brooklyn Tech

Find out if Brooklyn Tech is available

Decide on location with group

Adam will ask Elaine Choi to make signs


Brooklyn Peace Fair Saturday, April 28th @ Brooklyn College

OWS Text Blast Cel.ly

OWS Commhub

Tech Ops

Info Hub

Outreach Events


Photo./ video – Email usual suspects

Dayna has a small video camera

People to ask to do video:

Louie Gedo

Garry Rissman

Joe Friendly

Ask moderator to take pictures

Dayna – netbook camera, point and shoot

Wifi @ Brooklyn Tech

Getting Materials to Conference

can ship materials to conference

Zip car

David had a car and license


Liz Cherry – is there a panel we should invite her to speak on?

Housing for Speakers? –

Food for Day 2?

Rules for outside food at NYU vs. New School

Food donations – Dayna says much harder to get than in the past – can maybe get a box of apples – that’s it.

Xxxx food xxxx

Don’t think people xxxx the xxxx food to give conference.

Day old – Babycakes

Bagel Place – free bagels

Dumpstered stuff vs. ???

Coffee? We can ask Equal Exchange to donate tea and coffee

Electric tea pots? – ask if anyone has one

Potential product donations:

Lara Bars

Raw Revolution

Ugly Sandwich

V Spot (Adam knows Josh Greco, who used to work there)


smaller, newer, businesses

Angelica – donation

Pure Food and Wine

Candle 79 – Does Mike Pease still work there (he secured donations for Grassroots Animal Rights Conference in 2005)?

Peanut butter and hummus – make our own?

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