3/6/12 Meeting Minutes

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OWS Disability Caucus Meeting
Tuesday 5:30pm to 7:00pm
at 60 Wall Street Atrium

Philip Bennett, note taker
Leslie Freeman, facilitator
Kyrk, Leslie’s son
Harriet, Burlington Vermont, Leslie’s daughter
Jes Sachse from Toronto Canada
Danny Robert
Nadina Laspina
Lawrence Webber, Danny’s PA
Paula Wolff
Alejandra Ospina

Whole month of March, from 11:30-2pm in Liberty Square is devoted to Occupy Culture stuff: we can do that, we can piggyback on what the nondisabled do. We should’ve done that at Tompkin Sq., we can do a speak-out, teach-in, prepare for when it’s better weather and get people excited, but we should have a presence, should be involved in Occupy Town Square if it happens again.

Attendees introduce themselves: Leslie: with OWS almost from beginning off & on.
Jess: concerned with healthcare inequality.
Danny proud to be here.
Kyrk says: don’t know much, but knows system sucks & must change.
Harriett is silent
Nadina reviews hand signals & OWS procedure for newcomers.
Mission statement: we review it.
Leslie reads Mission statement aloud.
Kyrk: Mission Statement doesn’t offer any solutions.
Nadina: I agree, we must offer a vision, say what we’re trying to accomplish, not just listing what’s wrong, we should be more positive.
Leslie: we should step up, step back.
Philip: we should get get past Mission Statement and move on.
Paula: a Mission statement should be general, not so specific.
Leslie: “we” shold be inclusive.
Alajandra: can we set a date to approve/disaprove whole statement?
Danny: perhaps everyone should write a shorter statement.
Nadina: each week different people come and other people leave so Mission statement keeps changing and when too few people here we can’t have consensus. Maybe we can have a Mission statement committee who will go around & get imput from others then finally get consensus on March 20th meeting.
Paula: Mission statement should be tighter.
Alajandra, Philip will reach out with phone contacts, Jess will do online stuff, Leslie will do facebook, etc.
Nadina: Cultural Occupation
March 17, big anniversary of OWS
Feb. 29th: OWS action against Pfizer: Danny says it was very successful. People with disabilities must be involved with all actions.
Leslie: Students for a Democratic Society in Detroit involved with OWS & has a disabilty caucus.
Harriet passes out amazing chocolate-covered cake pops.
Nadina: Justin: each group has a quarter-page flyer, Justin created logo of Wall Street bull with wheelchair access symbol on top of it.
Spokes Council: the overall body meets Mon., Wed. and Fri. from 7-9:30pm
General Assembly Tues., Thur. and Sat 7-930pm
Nadina can’t be here next week.
Meeting Adjourned.

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