3/5 kitchen meeting minutes

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                           Kitchen meeting 3/5


Lady, Jay, Carlton, Chris Brannon, Chyno futuristic, Realutz, Dylan v., Anthony, Paula M, Alice, Maura, Julio,Adelina st. Clair, Eric chef, Christine, Cara Hartley, Ice, Bill B, Bill M, Joshua (minutes), Bonnie G, Karim, Eric Light, Letetia, Casper ( facilitating), Demetrius, Sage, Jordan.


Agenda items:

financial pt ppl

occupy farm food donated

kitchen meeting time changed to 7

Food for 86th st.

kitchen computer




Saturday was an awesome COOLS.  Video available on Nycga.net.

 Celly is no longer available till April. 

Eric created a celly. If anyone wants to join it, it’s on NYCga.net (its on the bottom right corner).   They need to create a banner.  He also reached out to Olivia from Comhub, but no helpful info yet.


Financial pt. Ppl


nominations were









Maura has backed out.  Sam left the kitchen. Jordan isn’t here. Faith drops out




Sage: where is finance?

Christine:  They’re mobile, and can meet up wherever is convenient.

Letetia:  seen ppl take off with money before

Maura: A person who frequents the Lib cafe should be pt. Person

Bonnie:  we havent been able to see a budget for weeks and weeks.

Demetrius: we haven’t seen 10,000 worth of food.

Christine:  we haven’t been taking that much,  if anyone wants to see what is taken out it’s on the Accounting group site on the NYCga.net.

Julio:  we need to have kitchen admin. Experience in order to apply for fin. Pt person.


Bill:  has been out at ENY,  knows a lot about Fin.  Pt person. $1800 for goods and

Julio:  22 years experience  in kitchens,  quit a cooking.


Ice:  man of action

Christine:  this month we,re going to go broke.  Financial pt. Person is going to have to make hard decisions.


Bill and Ice nominated for financial pt persons.


Changing meeting times. (bonnie)

Proposal withdrawn


86th st. co op (Karim)


Difficult time getting food up there.  Some food that was sent never made it.


Ice: transportation issues, problems with driver.  This week will be better.

Lady:  is 86th church no longer able to get food from kitchen budget.

Maura:  Food can be delivered to 60 wall st and if they can pick up the stuff.

Joshua:  is there an amount of food and money amount so that we can know what we’re voting.

Maura:  $300 a week, and they’re supposed to send a list.  Friendly amendment: And they’re supposed to pick up the food.

Sage:  concerns that it’s inclusive, because ppl have to pay to get in.  He blocks.


$300lbs of Farm food:


Casper will contact Eco for us.


Lap top:


Joshua: describes background of the computer ( …a few thought it good that we have a computer for  kitchen work, we were making documents for accounting, and Sam at the time who had a computer would be unavailable to help any longer due to health issues.  A used computer that was offered at the time by Marlisa wasn’t going to be available soon enough.  Joshua denies what folks say, that Accounting group told or asked us to get a computer.  When Fin. pt. Ppl were elected in February, he was still having to do some things with Accounting.  He says Ice didn’t ever ask him for the computer, and has said that he hated them, even though he also said he wanted to learn how to use them.  Joshua apologizes for not openly declaring that he was willing to hand it over, he also saw that Ethan had a computer if accounting work was needed.  Joshua also was still trying to do things for the kitchen with it. Describes he has the option to buy it as agreed upon when we first had consensus about getting one as per minutes Dec. 22).  He has decided to buy it.  Has an interest in knowing if he should buy it at the full price we paid for it or can he pay less?  We paid $600.


Discussion:  communication breakdown. Two other facilitators give an attempt to facilitate.  (Anthony then later, Dylan)

Maura; believes the computer should be offered to the person in the kitchen that can best utilize it, and doesn’t think it should be exclusively for the kitchen finance person(s).

Demetrius believes its OWS’s computer.

Faith: suggests to Joshua to buy another brand-new cheaper computer instead.  She also suggests that he pay more instead of less than what we bought it for, because they’ll have to search for another one.  She says $900.

Joshua: Interested only in buying the one he’s been using, and believes the cheaper ones were advised against when we first were looking for one, because of how much they froze up.

Eric (chef):  Is concerned that there is vital info on the computer.

Joshua: explains all the needed info has been sent to the group.

Maura:  he can buy the computer if he wants, and still thinks that the kitchen should have a computer.

Bill (Can.) :  thinks that we should just send any needed info off the computer somewhere.

Joshua: doesn’t mind sharing the needed documents.


Nothing resolved…. disruptions.


Joshua decides to just pay the kitchen the money we paid for it. = $600


[After the meeting, the minutes of December 22, 2011 are reviewed regarding the option to buy the computer. Ice receives $600 dollars for the computer and Joshua keeps the computer].



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