3/20/12 Minutes

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Trade Justice New York Metro & OWS Trade Justice Working Group

Joint Meeting

Minutes 3/20/12




Leandra Requena, Peruvians in Action New York

Adam Weissman, Global Justice for Animals and the Environment

Bernie McAleer, Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador

Gloria Florez

Ruth Santana, Global Justice for Animals and the Environment


Introductory Items:


Facilitator: Adam

Notetaker: Ruth

Next Agenda Maker: Ruth

Next Facilitator: Ruth

Location for next meeting: to be decided


Conference Call:


Leandra from Peruvians in Action New York joins the meeting via phone.


We continue with the next agenda item that was tabled last meeting:


Outreach Opportunities


a) Global Action to Disrupt the Business of Pollution (March 23rd)

Miguel Pallacin from the Andean Coordination of Indigenous Organizations participation in this event is discussed with Leandra who is helping in the coordination of Miguel’s talks. It is suggested that he could talk about his work in mining and extractive industries in Peru affecting indigenous populations and reach out to OWS groups.


b) Mickey Z talk “Occupied for all Species”: Adam suggest that Miguel could be a co-presenter at this talk – Adam will check this out and try to see if Miguel can be added as a presenter.


c)Columbia University “Neoliberal Multicultarilism” event informed Adam that they might be unable to change plans to add Miguel as a presenter. Adam will find out and let Leandra know.


d)NYU conference- Trade Justice invited. Miguel could talk at NYU because Key Speaker canceled. One option to have him talk at 1:00pm during trade talk or the other option at 6:00pm during reception as proposed by organizers.


Thursday is a day full of events so unfortunately no one is available to attend Miguel’s talk at Make The Road New York. Leandra is asked if she could bring fliers for the Crowley protest to the event. She agrees and it’s decided that Ruth will call Leandra on Thursday to arrange how to bring the flier to Make the Road location.


Ruth will also call Phill to ask him if he could include Miguel in CISPES Report Back event also on Thursday.


e)NYU Conference: Trade Justice invited to talk for 20 minutes. Speaker offered to be paid $200. It is informed that Ricardo Prado proposed Adam to bring Sergio (a Colombian organizer giving talks on FTA’s and the privatization of education) to the NYU conference.


How to organized the talk is discussed and ideas are generated in terms of what can work best given that we will be given only 20 minutes.


First idea: Bernie suggests that Adam should open up the talk with general information about the FTAs and then introduce Sergio who will talk on specific information on the FTAs and the privatization of education.


The second idea is to have Adam just presenting the power point presentation about the TPP. Beatriz Lopez who gave a power point presentation at the Left Forum about the TPP the past Saturday offered Adam to use this presentation for the NYU conference. It is decided that Adam would have to adjust this presentation to a 20 minute or less duration to fit the time allotted


We all agree on first idea, having Sergio talking about some the effects of the FTAs after a short introduction about FTAs by Adam.


Translation equipment is discussed. Given the limited amount of time given to speakers it would be better to have simultaneous translation but not sure if we could get the equipment. Otherwise Ricardo would do the consecutive translation.


f)CISPES event- Phil will show a video and also the elections results from El Salvador and explained what happened during the congressional elections. Too many events the same day and not sure who will attend.


g)getting a table at the Brooklyn Food Conference is discussed. Bernie suggest we can use the money from the conference to pay for the table. This decision will be made in the future.


h)getting a table at the Anarchist Book Fair is discussed. No decisions are made.


e)Sign making for Crowley Protest – Sunday the 25th from 12-8pm. Bernie will try to attend.; Gloria unable to attend.


It is suggested to contact OWS sign making group.


f)Crowley Protest: should we have an outside protest or a disruption? Difficult to determine without knowing if we have a critical mass. Bernie informs that if we do a disruption inside a hotel we need to be aware that hotel security is often very aggressive, rude and can hurt the participants.


Phill and Curtis are suggested for video taping and photography


Speakers: Nodutol, Carlos Salamanca, Curtis, Cristina, Michael are suggested for a brief talk of no more than 3 minutes.


Protest theme:

1-Crowley Rally

2-Birthday greetings

3-drug war

4-drug trade


Gloria thinks bringing the drugs theme to the protest is a very sensitive subject for Colombians. She suggests themes related to farmers, the displaced, unionists killing and death squads will be more appropriate.


Ideas such as celebrating Crowley’s birthday and having corporations such as Coca Cola, Citicorp, Chiquita Brands International, Occidental, etc giving him greeting and money for his birthday might work very well.









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