3/16/12 Minutes

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Trade Justice New York Metro & OWS Trade Justice

Joint Meeting

Minutes 3/16/12
Arthur Stamoulis, Citizens Trade Campaign
Adam Weissman, Global Justice for Animals and the Environment
Fatima Roland
Gloria Florez
Ruth Santana, Global Justice for Animals and the Environment
Introductory Items:
Facilitator: Adam
Notetaker: Ruth
Next Agenda Maker: Adam
Next Facilitator: Fatima
Location for next meeting: Fatima’s apartment
Conference Call:
Arthur from Citizens Trade Campaign joins the meeting via phone. He first talks about what the TPP is and next he gives an update on the last developments of the TPP and the next round of negotiations in the USA on May 8th and 9th in Dallas- Texas (90% certain of this happening) He informs us about the large protest programmed for this meeting and ideas how we can support this
– collection of petitions urging negotiators to release the text
– On line teach ins
– contacting celebrities who have appealed to OWS to sign a letter/petition
– contacting left luminaries to sign statement.

What corporations and where they stand?
What corporations want from TPP?
Wall Street – Big Ag – Big Pharma
Texas organizer
Try to do something through Interoccupy
Mid-April letter signed by prominent progressive leaders
Briefing call

a) Ackerman and Turner Out:
Adam gives a summary
b) FTA implementation in Korea meets with massive protests
Adam gives a summary
3-Reports Check-ins
a) CPA Legislative Fly-in
Adam reports he found out that this group is appealing to conservatives such as manufacturers , elected officials and lobby republicans with a business message. Part of what they are doing in their campaign is to oppose FTAs as it affect manufacturing jobs.
b) Occupy Harlem Forum
Ruth will get in contact with Nelly to find out.
a) Panama Solidarity Statement
We partially read the draft for discussion but decided Adam will contact Ezer to find out about finalizing the statement and the degree of our participation in its production.
5-Street Actions
a) Crowley Fundraiser
Happening on Thursday, Mach 29th
Need press release, media advisory, and press kit. All of which will be done by Adam as no one else present in the group knows what to do. The issue of flooding Adam with too much work is raised. We discussed having a workshop after the coming actions to learn how to do these tasks for future actions. Fatima suggest the protest should focus on jobs being lost as this will appeal to people more than all the
other effects caused by the FTAs overseas. Finding statistics/numbers about jobs lost as a result of the FTAs might be a better strategy to appeal to people in general but more so to those who do not know much about FTAs or have a misconception about what they really are. Other ideas for theme and props for the protest are discussed:
-Cocaine dealers for Crowley?
-Terrorist for Crowley?
Gloria suggests that the cocaine theme for the protest is not a good idea as Colombians might get offended. Exposing the cocaine issue might result in turning off Colombians from participating in the protest.
Fatima suggests promoting protest in OWS media, web sites and Facebook page.
Adam will create a list from media data base to start making calls to media outlets to promote the protest on Tuesday the 27th and the day of the protest. Fatima and Ruth volunteer to make the calls and Gloria will make the calls to the Spanish media. Sign making and Banner fabrication planned to be done the 24th and 25th of March in GJAE office in Astoria or Fatima’s apartment. Flyering at Mickey Z talk at Jivamukti cafe on the 23rd

Video taping and photography: Ruth suggests Curtis from Jobs Alliance and Adam will contact Global Revolution life stream from OWS.
Whether or not to have speakers at the protest is discussed. Christina, Curtis and Michael are suggested as potential speakers.

b) Crowley Town Hall
On April 10th will be discussed in next meeting.

6-Outreach Opportunities- tabled

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