3.7.12 minutes

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Present: Allegra, Anthony, Dylan, Ellis, Faith, Lana, Tim, Toxic, Zak

-M31: Zak met with Cari and discussed plans for March 31st; she’s working on a seedball thing, and can help with outreach to anarchists.
-RCP has a thing on the 13th which we should go to as part of outreach to commies.
-Fuck the sparticists.

-Zine!!!!! have as many as three out by M1?
–Occuprint can help us out!
-Benefit concert; get on fundraising for OWS in general, not CWC.
–Sturgeon and Immortal Technique
–Thompkins square–sound permits? Tim says he can look into various venues
–Tim & Bear
-Marching stuff, formations; Red & Black Bloc on M1!!!!!
-Food stamps, everyone, now
-Proposal: “How Do We Kill Capitalism?” as the title for our M31 event/action/thing.
-Proposal: Zak as financial point person instead of Bear
-Proposal: Metrocard stuff: who gets ’em?
–Joe, Matt, Bear, Faith, Ellis
-Back to M31–where should we have it? Thompkins, Union? What time of day? [Since learned that there is another action that day that we might want to plan around.]

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