3.14.12 minutes

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[two weeks with no minutes… one week without a meeting. sigh. welcome to the revolution.]

Present: Allegra, Anthony, Dylan, Ellis, Faith, Najil, Tucker, Zak

-Fundraiser bullshit, meeting for it specifically
-Anthony is out!!! [thankfully I believe he’s only been arrested once since he got out for this particular arrest.]

Agenda shite:
-Sunday-Solidarity: Assemblia Generale 12PM-3 somewhere [in the Bronx i think this was?]
-Cinnamon rolls!
-Silent Ninja [yes, this is what class war meetings are like.]
-Occupy Red Hook: Wednesday nights, talk ta tucker for location
-Buerocratic Metrocard Shit: Anthony, Ellis, Faith, Joe, Najil
CONSENSUS! [if that still matters? in the sense of “do metrocards still exist?”]

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