2/22/12 Minutes

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OWS Animal Issues Working Group
2.22.12 Minutes


1) Brooklyn Food Conference – may 12
2) F27
3) Occupy Project List – deadline yesterday
4) Anarchist Book Fair – april
5) Eco-Cluster –
6) Strategic Planning / Visioning Meeting

in attendance
alexis – moderator
molly – timekeeper
david – notes

1. Brainstorm / popcorn dates?¬† March 18 suggested… let’s send poll to online group… alexis will send poll… suggest and vote on location. should have internet and be convenient. walls will be helpful to post notes.

set goals: x amount of resources and time on ___________
discuss which campaigns to focus on
vision, strategy, business strategy, timeline development
should be a structured meeting
structured visioning -what is our relationship to OWS?

various ideas should be put on the table, and then discussion should be narrowed for what is achievable and accomplish-able.

Adam will send strategic info. People should come to meeting with ideas.
Alexis will create polls for time / location

2. BFC – Adam updates:
has submitted 4 applications, BFC requested hold off on first 2 bc they might be able to integrate, and combine other 2
adam needs help contacting speakers
all info has been sent to people who have requested
unaccounted blurb submissions should be reminded / urged. follow up calls needed
adam will send scripts and assign calls and application forms for completion
alexis will look into exhibit booth
need to revisit who will moderate

The following people will contact speakers:
Molly¬† –

Beatriz Lopez
Bina Ahmad
Brian Dominick

David –

Caryn Hartglass
Louie Gedo
Mickey Z (he sent his blurb and bio, but we need his answers on the other questions)


Noam Mohr
Sachio Takashima
Zaac Chavis (sent blurb and bio but needs to answer other questions)

3. Poll – suggest starting at 7:15 or 7:30 –

4. F27

Adam will make some calls and we will discuss whether we and others want to do some things at the Cargill subsidary office for Black Water in Midtown with some others

5. Rally against fracking – flier for AR at event

Johanna will be at event to flier, offered to develop flier
David can send previously used DAD flier to the group
Suggested to use for flier: Mission statement?, image, time / date of meeting location, clear call of action, include website link
“bringing the message of animals to the 99%”

6. left forum – guy never got back to adam, adam never called either.

7 – goosewatch NYC

David explained NYC Canada goose round ups and plan to document and bring attention to round ups through outreach to communities where people live near parks with nesting geese. will send email proposal to group.

8. NYC Anarchist book fair

Adam mentioned including animal liberation as issue for panel discussion

adam will submit minutes
david will agenda next meeting

9. Metrocards

We are elliglble  for up to 5 unlimited Metrocards per week if we make someone the Metrocard contact in our minutes.

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