1/8/2012 Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Caucus Meeting Minutes

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1/8/2012 Queer/LGBTIQA2Z Caucus Meeting Minutes

about 14 in attendance

This meeting went on for about 4 hours. It was our first Sunday meeting after the holidays, and our largest meeting in over 3 weeks, so there were many pent up issues and energy. It was great to see so many people there, and the new year should bring us many new opportunities.

Action items and consensus are marked with a +

Proposed agenda

– future direct action
– next steps for so gi pledge roll out
– gay squat, making a video diary, get personal stories of homeless queer youth out
– teach in for financial transaction tax
– housing rape petition
– escualita being forced out
– genda bill in albany, transgender discrimination in the work place
– spokes council and solutions cluster
– finances
– outreach to queer organizations, adding diversity
– nonstop trans phobia, every day, 3 to 7 times a day
– wow’s letter to egypt and safer spaces
– west village action
– homeless laptop program and self sufficiency
– housing issues, who they are and are not housing

Future Direct Action
– We discussed ideas around a future direct action.
– We felt such planning should be limited to in person and person to person discussions for now.

– there are homeless activists that are not being housed
– we need to support getting queer and disabled homeless into support by housing
– what are the issues individuals are facing which causes acting out, and how do we address them?
– if people don’t feel emotionally safe they can end up acting out as the pressure builds
– especially when we don’t live up to our values as a movement
– we need to make a space that is safe
– we need liaisons to housing
+ work with housing on a statement of non-discrimination
– ows has been silent on homeless in nyc
– we need spots in churches for people with PTSD whom cannot sleep communally, and need a partition or room. it has not yet been possible to get cooperation for reconfiguring part of existing arrangements for this purpose.
– veterans have left because of this
– queer kids from McDonalds, 3 are in churches, rest are gone
– action within and outside OWS for queer trans psyche issues
– base issue is homophobia and transphobia in America cause us to be rejected as individuals.
– need to have disabled caucus and mental health working groups
– we need to take charge of educating the public on these issues
+ Tif looking for people who are expertise in minority stress

Gay Squat
– gay squat, providing housing in Brooklyn, for 8 to 12 people
– open to any queer or trans

Tennessee bill
– Allows bullying against GLBT for religious reasons

– On Tuesday voted for finance point people
– Razor, Felix, Billy
– People at this meeting don’t know who Billy is
– We propose that Sarita is listed as a financial point person in Billy’s place.
– Current point people are now Razor, Felix, Sarita
– Question about the process for procuring metro cards
– Report that to get metro cards point person must sign for people.
– Each person can sign for 7 people, so each group can do a total of 14
– http://www.nycga.net/2012/01/01/funding-for-metrocards/
– http://www.nycga.net/groups/housing/docs/metrocard-distribution
– Spending proposal

Laptop and Cell Phone Program
– Used laptops and cheap cell phone for occupiers
– Some activists have accessibility to shelter, food, health care, internet, phone, and others have none or some of those things, and it makes people less effective activists
– Collect up 7 laptops and then distribute at once to queer/trans in trouble
– Nominated by your peers
– Chosen by lottery
– Start for queer/trans, if successful then expand the program
– Promote the program
– Glitter Tops! We will glitter the laptops
– Buy from Computer Overhaul on 370 7th ave, 7th floor. http://www.computeroverhauls.com/
– Will start with working group funds, and work up to GA to make a proposal to get in bulk for a bigger program later
– Proposal for funds related to planning and promoting the Glitter Tops program. Actual laptop expenditures will be part of a later more specific proposal.
+ Joe, Sean, and Razor to work on copy and a sign
+ Razor and Sarita to look into costs for used laptops

SO GI Pledge
– There are lots of endorsements
– Want to organize to get the pledge to the GA
– Talk to other working groups about the pledge and get support
– Work on getting it into the demands document, via solutions cluster and demands working group.
+ Tif will post to many working group forums on nycga.net to gain support

– Coordinate amount ourselves to attend spokes
– Spokes is now at 86th st.
+ Joe will remind on Facebook, sign up doc

– Trans issues omitted from WOW Egypt letter and from Safer Spaces code of conduct
+ Razor will make a statement regarding trans phobia, omission of trans in Egypt statement, and document what happened.
+ Razor will send a statement about transphobia

Financial Transaction Tax Teach In
– Michael planning a teach in. Looking for our participation.

Tabled to next meeting:
– Escualita
– West Village action

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