2.8.12 Minutes (super late!)

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Present: Anthony, Dylan, Oriana, Tim, Zak, Hank, Max, Bootz

-Anarchist caucus proposal tabled[/rescinded] as people need to understand what Anarchism is [that is, the fact that it was tabled is why it needs to be!] Issues about it being a “political caucus” raised by WOW & POC
-Teach-in [on “diversity of tactics”] at pop-up at West park [you know, the one that happened two weeks ago >_>]
-Anthony got info on various groups so we can start work on March 31st

-Intro to CWC for new people!

-Ellis will be in Riker’s for about 3 more weeks [less than that as it turned out!]

-Anthony found flier about a Housing Constitutional Amendment [i.e. making housing a right], consider action in support

[sorry that this is super-late >_>]

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