2.29.12 Minutes

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OWS Animal Issues Working Group

2.29.12 Minutes

In Attendance:

Alexis Brill
Adam Weissman
Ruth Santana


1. Brooklyn Food Conference
2. May 13 After-Conference
3. Visioning / Strategic Planning Meeting

Remainder of Agenda tabled


1. Brooklyn Food Conference

Need speakers for session 1.

Alexis, who is creating a vegan website, will speak. She will fill her info into the spreadsheet.

David Kirby (author, Animal Factory)  just confirmed that he can do Sessions 1 and 2.

Still need moderators for many sessions.

Ruth suggests Jane Velez-Mitchell (host of HLN news program).

Ruth and Alexis both know her – she adopted a dog from Alexis.

Alexis will contact her and ask her if she wants to moderate or speak on any panels.

We should contact her tonight because we need to submit info tonight.

Ruth suggests having her moderate the panel Mariann Sullivan is speaking on because they are close friends, but that panel is already being moderated by Alex Penley, who is a good choice for that panel (the one on AETA, etc.), because he is an attorney who does activist defense cases.

Ruth says Jane can help us publicize.

2. May 13 After-Conference

Alexis feels we should wait to talk to the speakers on this or do a noncommittal poll asking them if they’d be interested.

3.  Alexis says that most people who replied to the poll want to do to do the 11th of March rather than the 18th by a percentage of 70-30, but the poll is flawed because people can only choose one or the other, not both.  Adam says we should wait to hear what date works for Dayna, who just got back from Japan, before deciding on a date.

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