2.1.12 minutes!

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Present: Allegra, Anthony, Bear, Dylan, Zak

-formation of Angry Kitchen Auxilary [Bear)
–alternative food distribution
–group realized that will also have to ¬†address Comfort & Housing at the same time
–need to house poor & homeless [fuck the liberals who want to purge the “undesirables”!]
–NYCGA’s [free] food list
–food stamps [for everyone!]
–Bear’s role in the group as social services & wellness

-Class War Jammies?????

-Anthony spoke to a community leader in Jackson Heights about a possible direct action
–liason with OWS en Espanol & Diego of DA

-Ellis in the yard [fucking fuck fuck]

-Student walk-out action [that day at Union Square]

-Actions: more hardcore; shutdowns; drawing attention to the poor & imprisoned

-Outreach to/liason with Leftist [Red & Black] groups
–Anarchist Black Cross & Revolutionary Communist Party on prisons specifically

-Occupy the Yard: talk to Faith & Ellis
–hand out postcards at GA and SC [and send some ourselves god dammit!!!!!]

-Laptop [aka TechOps loves us!]
–Anthony getting a laptop from TechOps: CONSENSUS!!!!!
–Class War handing out/being responsible for the remaining 3 laptops: NO CONSENSUS :(

-Financial Point Person: Anthony to replace Zak: CONSENSUS!!!!!

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